What better way to view this fascinating small European capital than by running it with a local runner! Nicosia’s historic center encircled by the 16th century Medieval Walls offers a journey of discoveries where time has stopped and where history meets the new. Its multi-layered rich past is evident in every corner and Byzantine, Medieval, Ottoman, and British Colonial traces are found everywhere.

Exit the old town and you have quaint old neighborhoods, museums, parks, and hidden gems to run through as well as vibrant, cosmopolitan streets.

Nicosia has a bit of everything for every runner. Mild, sunny winters and ..rather hot summers. And lucky you, that’s when you get your very early morning runs in!

Nicosia is the capital of the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus and it has a rich history and cultural heritage. It is a unique combination of a Medieval town center and a cosmopolitan modern part.

It’s a city that can take you back in time with its charm and laid-back atmosphere, and will also fascinate you with its number of museums, churches, and many other monuments.

It is known as the last divided capital in Europe, and the UN-controlled Buffer Zone also named as “Green Line”, has sliced the city in half for decades. This eerie/ghostly no-man’s land can be viewed when visiting and discovering the narrow inter-winding streets of the Old town. It’s a strange yet gripping experience to see how time has frozen since the early 60s, and nature has taken over. Only cats and birds can cross freely through the abandoned houses and the walls riddled with bullet holes.

The many narrow streets that end against barbed wire and barrels have been witness to many political events but have also been a ground for creative, artistic, and socially engaged voices to be expressed.

Nicosia is a multi-cultural mosaic of past and present histories, it is a city that’s alive and growing and offers both traditional and modern lifestyles and amenities. Just a short drive away from the city center you find yourself in the beautiful countryside and can explore the natural beauty of the island. Traditional villages nestled on the foothills of the Troodos mountain range and ancient monasteries and old churches, many included on the Unesco World Heritage List, are found among olive groves and pine forests.

If trail running has entered your running life, then look no further as the island has many beautiful trails that can take you through the natural beauty of its countryside.