What better way to discover the unique island nation of Iceland than breathing in its crisp air on a sightrunning tour? Join us for a healthy, sustainable and fun view of the country from a local’s perspective.

On our guided runs, you can see the best of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, and the amazing surrounding nature. Your personal running guide will tell you all about the country’s history, myths and legends. 

So throw away the guidebook and meet up with the people who know it best. You’ll not just get a rapid tour, but all of the stories only the locals know. An unforgettable and active sightseeing experience with our running tours in Iceland.

Iceland is famed for its simply stunning natural landscapes. Beaten and shaped by volcanos and Atlantic storms, it is a uniquely beautiful country with waterfalls, geysers, mountains and much more. In recent years, tourism has boomed in the country among tourists who want an active, adventurous holiday. Running in Iceland, with one of its famously fit locals, gives you a real taste of the wild.

The capital, Reykjavik, is a quaint, but modern city that has plenty to offer. Despite tourism being one of the country’s biggest industries, the city stays close to its roots. This means you can find natural hot baths and all kinds of other Icelandic traditions around every corner.

But Iceland’s natural backdrop is where you need to be. Icelanders are inextricably linked to the land where there were born and their knowledge of it is astonishing. So join your local guide, pull on your running shoes and jump into the wild.