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With its well-preserved architecture and accessible routes, Prague is one of the most beautiful and convenient cities for running. Our guided running tours are designed to tell the story of Prague in a way that encompasses the most amazing views of the city’s historical buildings, bridges, and old town. Many of our guests, however, are interested in racing in Prague, so we have compiled the list below as a go-to guide of the city’s running races in 2024.

While all the races offer something different, you can always expect amazing sights and a party atmosphere. The main races are fast, with many records having been set in the city. If you want to hit a PB, look no further. 

Main Prague Running Races


Image source: Prague Marathon

Date: 5 May 2024

Let’s start with the biggie – the marathon. The Prague Marathon is a huge event – it has been awarded  IAAF Gold Label status and is known for its beauty and international attendance. This year sees the 28th Prague Marathon, with the route starting and finishing in the Old Town Square and taking runners through all the historical districts of the city whilst following Prague’s major river, Vitava. Expect a party, with a huge following and lots of music and events.


Date: 6 April 2024

Another IAAF Gold Label status race, the Prague Half Marathon is one of the world’s fastest. Looking to improve your time? This is the place to be. Just try not to get distracted by views of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the National Theatre, and Dancing House on the way.

Birell Prague Grand Prix

Date: 7 September 2024

This race lets runners experience Prague during twilight! Expect music and dance along the way – a truly magical experience.

The main event is a 10km race but they also have a women’s 5k race earlier in the evening, celebrating the sisterhood of women. Other events include team races, barmen races (where barmen race with a tray of glasses), and an embassy race for foreign embassy employees.

Smaller Races


Date: 19 May 2024

Part of the Prague Pride festival, this race raises money to run LGBT mentoring website and the House of Light for HIV+ clients. There are both 5 and 10km options, with an additional 300m children’s run. Other entertainment includes music and food.

Three Viewpoints Run

Running Tours Prague viewpoints - 13km running tour

Date: Various

13km running tour which will lead you to different viewpoints from which the whole Prague will spread out before you. This is a difficult tour, as there are few hills you have to run/walk to, but you will be rewarded. The first part will go along the riverside and then you will climb up the hill to a never-crowded-by-tourists castle (Vyšehrad). The tour will continue to one of Prague most famous parks with a huge beer garden (Riegrovy sady) and to an extraordinary monument of modern Czechoslovakia (Vítkov monument).

NN Night Run

Date: 20 April 2024

With starting times of 19.15 and 20.15 the Prague Night Run gives you the opportunity to light up the city, running a 5 or 10km race with a headlight through the darkening streets.

Prague Neon Run

Running race or party? Image source: Neon race

Date: 31 August 2024

With little emphasis on speed and full emphasis on fun, this crazy 5km race is a party for all the family! Run through zones of neon lights and illuminated monuments, paint your body with neon colours, stop for a dance half way through. 

Obstacle Races Prague

Date: Various

If you’re up for a different challenge, why not check out some of Prague’s obstacle course races? With obstacles such as tyres, hills, monkey bars, and water, these races will be sure to test you to your limits.

Some of the popular obstacle races are:

Gladiator Race

Spartan Race

Urban Challenge


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