There is no better way to take in untouched natural beauty than by running in Norway. With more mountain trails, lakeside routes and city jogs than anybody could achieve in a lifetime, there’s always something new to explore.

Go! Running Tours can guide you as you explore Norway’s natural and urban environments. For example, the picturesque city of Bergen surrounded by mountains and fjords has a route for all kinds of runner. After your run, there is nothing better than a slow stroll around a Norwegian city, stopping for a sophisticated bite.

So when you’re visiting, get out running in Norway. It is a country like no other with landscapes that will last long in the memory. Lace up your trainers and let’s go running!

Repeatedly named the world’s best democracy by The Economist, Norway is simply a wonderful place to be. Its quaint towns and the friendly yet reserved attitude of its inhabitants compound its relaxed vibe.

Many tourists come visit to see wonders such as the still, deep fjords and Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. These stunning sights are great to combine with running in Norway. You can get away from it all, breathing in the crisp air and losing yourself in nature. As the Norwegians are an active bunch, you’ll never be far from a trail where you can crush some kilometres.

Back in civilisation, you can immerse yourself in sophisticated cities such as Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. Here you’ll find laid-back cafes, experimental restaurants and classy design. Norway also has a keen eye for art, all of which fits in perfectly with runners who love a taste of culture.

The Scandinavian lifestyle pushes people to be outdoorsy types. Whether it’s hiking, canoeing, skiing or running, fitness is a big deal. Because of this, there are plenty of marathons throughout the calendar year all over the country. For something truly unique, try the Midnight Sun Marathon in mid-June. Starting in the evening and ending in the morning, you won’t even get a second of darkness in the Norwegian summer sun.

If you’re into nature and sport, running in Norway is an obvious choice. It is surely among the most serene places in the world to explore, so what better place to do it than on two feet?