Which French running holiday is the one for you?

Ready to take on the entire Tour du Mont Blanc? On Europe: Tour du Mont Blanc and Mont Blanc Run, you cover all 170km of the world famous trail over a 6 day period.

Experienced runner with a little less time? Tour du Mont Blanc – 1st Half, provides you the thrill of the trail and its stunning scenery in only 3 days. In 2 days, Running in the Alps – Intermediate builds up your mountain running experience, with local experts taking you to some of the higher trails in the area.

New to trail running or looking for a more balanced trip? Alps Spa and Trail focusses on luxury and relaxation. With around 3 hours of trails per day, the rest of your day is time to unwind at the spa hotel, or explore the charming town of Chamonix. Similarly, Running and Yoga in France, follows up a few hours running with recovery yoga sessions and relaxation in the tranquil surroundings.