Looking for a running holiday in Mexico?

Mexico City is 2,250 meters elevation above sea level and is the fifth biggest city in the world -, just in Mexico City there are about 20 million people. It was founded by Aztecs sometime around the early 1300s when the nomad tribe according to the legend saw an eagle with a snake in its beak perched on a nopal cactus, which they took as a sign from the gods that this was where they should settle. The city was named Tenochtitlan at that time.

Average annual temperature in Mexico City is about 16 degrees Celsius with the highest one being about 25 degrees during spring and summer (march-august). This is perfect weather and combine this with a rich history and many beautiful places and you have ideal sight running city.

Running in Mexico has grown over the last few years and many people practice it a lot. Sight running in Mexico City is an easy and excellent way to explore its culture, to discover beautiful neighbourhoods and to mix among its citizens and its manners.

You will be surprised by the city’s architecture with a combination of ancient historic and modern 21th century buildings in the same place. Ruin, reconstruction, invasion, independence and revolution, this mega metropolis has it all.

If you are planning to travel to Mexico city. We promise you lots of fun and you will discover why Mexico City is called the city of palaces. Check it out EL CHICO – TRAIL RUNNING HOLIDAY