Running in Mexico is to open up a world of intrigue. With stunning snow-capped mountains and dense jungles to hot deserts and wonderful coastlines, Mexico is a nature-lover’s paradise. Add to that a diverse selection of megacities like Mexico City and rural villages and you’ve got a great destination for sightrunning.

On our guided runs around the country, you can discover everything there is to know from a local’s perspective. Your friendly running guide shares your running passion and is more than happy to show you Mexico through their eyes. Make sure you bring a fully charged phone to snap the wonderfully wild and urban landscapes.

Fantastic weather, sporty culture and an endless list of attractions to explore make running in Mexico absolutely unforgettable. So lace up, meet your guide and let’s go running!

The largest country in Central America by far, Mexico combines a range of different ecosystems within its borders. With underground rivers, stunning mountain ranges and jungles, it is one of the most naturally diverse countries on the planet. Running in Mexico can, therefore, go way off the beaten track and into stunning natural backdrops.

Mexico’s natural diversity is matched by its cultural heritage. Indigenous peoples, notably the Aztecs and Mayans, have lived in the region for thousands of years. There are plenty of intriguing remnants of the country’s past, such as Palenque, Chichén Itzá and the pyramids of Teotihuacán. Around 500 years ago, when Hernán Cortés arrived with his Spanish army, the country changed forever. Nowadays, there is imposing colonial architecture in all the major cities, and your running guide can tell you all about the way the two cultures partially merged to create what we now know as Mexico.

Take your running in Mexico to the next level with one of the many events on the running calendar. Aside from Mexico City International Marathon, there are plenty of ultramarathons, fun runs and trail runs that cater to everybody’s taste. After your high-octane exploring, you can hit the white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. The Playa del Carmen beach, Cancún and Tulum stand out as some of the most blissful, postcard-perfect beaches in the world.

So when you’re in Mexico, don’t miss the opportunity to fuel your hunger to run. Its diversity serves all kinds of sightrunner, so come and explore this captivating country.