Tucked away in Central Europe, Slovakia is a country for those who dare to discover. But there are rewards for those who are willing to explore. The significance of the River Danube, stunning natural landscapes and architectural intrigue make running tours in Slovakia an absolute pleasure.

The fairytale-like tranquility of Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, hides the country’s turbulent past. World War Two rocked the nation as it did most of Europe, but Slovakia has bounced back. Now, many of its effects are explained in museums across the country. You can even go dancing in wartime bunkers that have become nightclubs which show how much the country has moved on.

Slovakia also experienced the Velvet Revolution in late 1989 — one of the most peaceful political overhauls in the world. This bloodless revolution saw the downfall of the Communist Party and the breakup of Czechoslovakia itself. On our running tours in Slovakia, your friendly running guide will give you the history and the significance it has had on the local population.

When you visit central Europe, be sure to check out our running tours in Slovakia. Away from the main tourist sites, there is so much to explore. So join your local guide, lace up and go running!