Seville is where Christian and Moorish architecture and culture come together like two flamenco dancers — flamboyant, passionate and beautiful. With our running tours in Seville, you’ll learn all about this fascinating cultural blend from your private running guide.

Seville is a city that stays close to its traditions, from the deadly serious to the tongue-in-cheek. Holy Week is a dramatic yearly event that turns the whole city silent in respect, while the Feria de Abril is a flamboyant danceathon where the loudest voice wins. Your local guide will give you all the culture classes you need and you run Seville’s streets.

Due to its greenery and proximity to stunning works of architecture, María Luisa park is one of the best places to go running in Seville. However, it gets even better when you add in your very own running guide. You’ll find out about the awe-inspiring Plaza de España, Plaza de América and the Torre del Oro. 

For more of a city run, go for the Sevilla Monumental tour. This Seville sightrunning tour will show you the city’s gigantic cathedral and adjoining bell tower, La Giralda. Next to these monuments are the quaint, winding streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. Be sure to ask your guide about the best places for tapas in the centre. You’ll also dip down towards the river, which is is a great place to run in Seville.

What are you waiting for? Pop your trainers in your suitcase and sign up for one of our running tours in Seville.