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It is commonly said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”  We at Go Running Tours beg to disagree.  OK, there may be some things that are best not discussed, but in truth Las Vegas has memories to create and stories to tell that are definitely worth taking home and sharing.

From the moment the visitor arrives in Las Vegas, they are struck by the vibrancy and extravagance of the place.  Iconic mega-resorts sit side-by-side along Las Vegas Boulevard (aka the Strip), offering a cornucopia of entertainments, thrills, shopping, eating and drinking.  Where else can you see a giant pyramid, King Arthur’s castle, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower as near neighbours?  Where do you begin, how do you take it all in?  Our tours of the Strip help you find your bearings, and also to understand something of where it all came from, how the face of the Strip has changed over the years.

Along the Boulevard one arrives at Old Las Vegas, or Downtown.  Here can be found the notorious Fremont Street, containing some of the oldest casino names in town, but also the biggest and loudest party every night.  Just a few blocks from Fremont Street are some of Vegas’ lesser known highlights.  The Arts District bursts with colour, with its ever-changing murals, and offers some of the quirkiest places to shop, eat and drink.  The Container Park in the Downtown Project is another great area to shop, eat and drink away from the beaten track.

If you fancy something very different, a short drive from your hotel there are some awe-inspiring runs in the wilderness, where you can forget the city and run in magnificent surroundings.  The Hoover Dam trail is a trip into history, which just so happens to provide wonderful views of Lake Mead, the surrounding mountains and the Hoover Dam itself.  Alternatively, Red Rock Canyon is colourful and dramatic, and fills your lungs with clean, healthy mountain air.

Simply put, Las Vegas has the ability to surprise beyond its most famous highlights.  There is more diversity here than first meets the eye.  Your running tour with us will broaden your horizons in Las Vegas and give you a whole new appreciation to take home…..and share with people!