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Lima is a very busy city, with people from all over the country coming there in the last four decades to look for opportunities and better living conditions. With a very rich background, starting with the Pre Inca cultures, the Colonial and Republican eras, the city combines amazing Huacas (archaeological sites), colonial buildings, modern architecture and excellent restaurants that are great to run around. Since the traffic is heavy, a running tour in Lima is a great way to discover many places and get involved with the buzzing city.

Time to lace up and join us on a journey through Lima’s past and present!

It is true that Lima can be a little bit chaotic and congested (it is one of the largest cities in South America), but if you are with the right people who know where to go, this city is very interesting and a whole lot of fun! And let’s not forget the food – Lima offers one of the best cuisines in the world. After working up an appetite running on one of our tours, you will fully deserve, and be ready to handle, all the amazing food that awaits!

Lima’s historic centre was built by the Spaniards in 1523. Construction was ordered by King Charles who, in Lima, founded the capital of the Americas. The architecture is incredible and running is a great way to discover the main highlights; within a 2 block radius, you’ll find enough sites and attractions to get a good idea of this part of the city.

Lima is the only capital city in South America that is on the coastline. The modern city is built on a cliff above sea level, which means you get great views of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches below. This stretch is called Costa Verde. Although the cliffs are mainly barren, they used to be covered entirely with vegetation. Trail Running is also possible at the southern edge of Costa Verde at a place called El Morro Solar.

Lima has good temperatures year round, making it a great travel destination. The city is located in the desert, so it hardly ever rains – don’t worry about cancelling any plans due to the weather. For running all you need are shorts, t-shirts and a windbreaker for the winter months between June and August.