Go! Running Tours in Zürich give you an in-depth understanding of Switzerland’s biggest city. Much more than just a banking and finance hotspot, Zürich and its surroundings offer all kinds of surprises to explore.

Your friendly running guide will show you Zürich’s many different faces. To get in touch with nature, try the Trail Run to the Top of Zürich or the cryptic In Search of the Elephant tour. The Zürich Must See and the Heart of Zürich tours focus on the city itself. These sightrunning tours are the quickest and healthiest way of discovering the city.

Whether you’re in town on business or for a city break, check it out with Go! Running Tours in Zürich. Who says travelling has to break your workout routine? 

Zürich is the very definition of a Swiss city. Cultured, organised and remarkably pleasant. It is no wonder that Zürich consistently scores high in quality of life competitions.

Known worldwide as a financial hub, Zürich actually has a vibrant arts scene. Your private running guide will point out the best local haunts as you run past them. The Kunsthaus art museum and the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street contrast with Grossmünster cathedral and Fraumünster Church from a bygone era. This opens the city up to two different kinds of traveller.

Still not convinced that Zürich has the X factor? Check out the summer Street Parade. Although it only began in 1992, it has already made a name for itself as a day of fun and madness.

Nature lovers will appreciate the city’s diminutive size, which makes reaching the surrounding natural spaces very easy. Some of our running tours in Zürich cover both the centre, before climbing up the green trails. You can even hit Zürich’s highest point, giving stunning views of where the river and lake meet, as well as the city itself.

Don’t worry if you’re not in top form to take on these hills, your guide will adapt to your pace. Photo and water stops are up to you, as it is your private sightrunning tour.

So whether you’re in the city for business or pleasure, our running tours in Zürich are a must. Learning about the city from a local’s perspective while racking up some kilometres. What could be better?