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Running tours in Hong Kong are the best way to jump on board the city’s explosive running and hiking scene. With a guided run, you can uncover this pulsating metropolis from a local Hongkonger’s perspective.

See the famous and not-so-famous sights while staying in shape with Go! Running Tours. Your private, local guide can take you for an informative jog around both the iconic harbour and the historical Central area. If you’re looking for something more masochistic, the sea-to-mountain route offers fantastic views as a worthwhile payoff.

Hong Kong is bursting with the weird and the wonderful, just waiting to be explored. So pack your running shoes and get ready for an unforgettable tour around this unique region.

We currently do not have any tours open yet for bookings in Hong Kong, but we can offer some of our latest running tours.



If you still wanna run, even though you don’t have a guide, please visit our good friends at Great Runs. These are the three tours that we recommend:

Happy Valley Race Track
Trail Running in Hong Kong
Victoria Peak /Peak Circle Run

Once an unassuming fishing and farming area, the lucrative trading port of Hong Kong is now synonymous with business and international trade. A vibrant meeting point of East and West, it blends Chinese heritage with colonial influences to create a modern cityscape with a rich, yet conflicted history.

For visitors, its intrigue lies in its diversity. The HSBC Building rubs shoulders with other skyscrapers in the Central neighbourhood, while the Man Mo Temple and the Chi Lin Nunnery breathe historical serenity into the city. The island is framed by verdant hills and Victoria Peak, from where you can soak up unmissable views when sightrunning in Hong Kong.

The city offers infinite surprises, from quirky street food to ingenious hacks for life in one of the world’s most densely populated cities. When you’re not running, you’re guaranteed great shopping, trendy restaurants and a vast and varied nightlife. Be sure to catch a night of horse-racing — one of the city’s most popular attractions — or time your trip to hit the Chinese New Year festivities.

Running addicts can coincide their trip with one of the city’s mind-boggling amount of running events. Whether you fancy a mountain marathon, 100 km of trail torture or a relatively short 10 km riverside race, Hong Kong has you covered. For something really special, sign up to be one of the 70,000 Hong Kong Marathon runners in January or February every year.

Autumn, winter and spring are ideal for running tours in Hong Kong, with mild temperatures and sunny skies. Summer is both hotter and more humid, but nothing that will stop you pulling on your running kit. So whether you’re in the city on business or for pleasure, let Go! Running Tours in Hong Kong show you around in the most fun and healthy way possible.