The natural landscape of Switzerland forces its inhabitants outside. Whether it’s skiing, cycling or running, the rolling hills and imposing mountains are the perfect sporting backdrop. Evidently, trail running is hugely popular in the country, but all kinds of athlete will enjoy running in Switzerland. If you’re more of an all-rounder than a pure-breed runner, get your running fix on a running tour before heading to the mountains for a ski week.

Moving into the cities, there is an obvious architectural grandeur that almost mimics the country’s natural beauty. Geneva, home to the Palace of Nations and the enormous Jet d’Eau is a peaceful, refined city. Zürich, dominating the German-speaking region, is full of church spires and excellent museums. What both cities have in common are the surrounding hills that make them great for running in Switzerland.

If you want to add some competition into the mix, check out the annual running races in Switzerland. The natural outdoorsiness of the Swiss is obvious with the marathons, trail runs, fun runs and more throughout the year. A race with a running tour a few days later gives you the best of both worlds — competition and sightrunning.

So whatever your reason for visiting, don’t miss out on the pleasures of running in Switzerland. Your local guide is ready and waiting to show you nature at its best from a local’s perspective.