Go! Running Tours in Austin reveal this oasis of art and culture as you get some kilometres on your Strava. What’s more, your local running guide has all the info you need about the main attractions and plenty of hidden gems too.

Our guided runs cover all aspects of the city, from downtown to street art and even trail running. Your guide will explain what makes the city unique and what makes its people tick. And if something grabs your eye, feel free to ask questions or stop for a quick photo.

Due to its 300 days of sun, and surprises around every corner, this city is perfect for sightrunning. So pack your trainers and find out which of our running tours in Austin is right for you.

Austin is the state capital and the fourth-most populous city in Texas. Located in the centre of the state, it has both scenic and natural views and big city hustle and bustle. The city goes against the grain, which is clear with its unofficial motto “keep Austin weird”, and its junk museum.

The city is intrinsically linked to sport, albeit controversially in certain cases. The Austin Grand Prix and the Longhorn Ironman are two of the city’s biggest endurance races and Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnny’s cycling cafe heralds an infamous connection to the Tour De France. With such sporting pedigree, running tours in Austin are the natural way to discover the city.

When you’re not running in Austin, there is an endless list of things to do in this artistic city. It hosts the six-day Austin City Limits music festival, which consistently features top new and upcoming artists. SXSW (South by South West) is the global benchmark technological conference that encompasses music, art, digital, movies and even an education component. Our running tours in Austin even cover this aspect of the city on the Rock n Roll by Sole tour.

The edgier parts of town are known for impressive graffiti and food trailer deliciousness! But if you really want to get off the beaten track, Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America and the only nude beach in all of Texas, aptly named Hippie Hollow.

In the context of Texas, and even in the US as a whole, Austin is truly unique. So lace up, join your private guide and explore this fascinating city.