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Bilbao Night Marathon


Nestled in the heart of the Basque Country, Bilbao embodies a fusion of tradition and modernity, offering a myriad of captivating routes for Running Races in Bilbao 2024. It’s charm extends beyond breathtaking architecture and vibrant art to include a fervent football culture and tantalizing cuisine. Positioned along the Estuary of Bilbao amidst gentle mountains, the city provides runners with a picturesque backdrop for their adventures.

For those seeking an immersive running experience, Go! Running Tours offers a unique way to explore Bilbao.

Alternatively, if the thrill of racing beckons, discover exhilarating running race options for your next escapade in this dynamic city. Find out more!

Bilbao Night Marathon 2024

Date: 19 October 2024

Start: 7 PM

Running Race: Total Energies Bilbao Night Marathon photo
Photo Credit: Total Energies Bilbao Night Marathon Website

Experience the Total Energies Bilbao Night Marathon, a captivating evening of road running set against Bilbao’s illuminated landmarks. This is the most popular running race in Bilbao.

From a full marathon to a 10 km race, participants immerse themselves in Bilbao’s vibrant atmosphere under the moonlit sky, commencing from the iconic San Mamés stadium. This event unites the community with simultaneous starts, live music, fireworks, and a route that highlights Bilbao’s cultural richness, making it an essential sporting and cultural affair.

34 Bilboko Herri Krosa

Date: 17 November 2024

34 Bilboko Herri Krosa Poster
Photo Credit: Bilboko Herri Krosa Poster from Facebook page.

This run race has a 10,000 participant limit. Ensure your participation by registering early for the race.

Bilbao Menditrail

Date: 21 April 2024

The Bilbao Menditrail offers an immersive mountain trail running race experience, showcasing the lush green paths and stunning landscapes of Bilbao to trail running and mountain walking enthusiasts. This unique event features a challenging mountain circuit that extends into the heart of the city, welcoming participants to explore Bilbao’s natural beauty while engaging in trail running and mountain walking disciplines.

Running Race: Bilbao Menditrail Image
Photo Credit: Laboral Kutxa Bilbao Menditrail Facebook Page

As you prepare to lace up your running shoes and embark on an exhilarating race through the vibrant streets of Bilbao, remember that our running tours at Go! Running Tours Bilbao edition offer a unique way to experience the city’s charm from a different perspective.

Whether you choose to participate in the Bilbao Night Marathon, the Bilboko Herri Krosa, or the Bilbao Menditrail, each running race event promises unforgettable moments and scenic views.

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Happy running!


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