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winter in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Winter Running should be a thing. Simply because a run during winter in Copenhagen is amazing. Yes it’s cold, yes it’s below freezing and yes sometimes it’s wet and windy, but with the right clothes I promise you that you are in for one hell of a running treat.

Many of our running tours guests write and ask whether it is at all possible to run during winter in Copenhagen and  just today, a guest wrote and asked for a back-up plan in case it was still snowy and cold tomorrow for our Christiania Tour. We even have customers inquiring about cancelling a tour if it is cold, snowing or raining.

We don’t do cancellations due to normal Danish weather conditions and we have no back-up plans. We simply run. Not because we are stubborn or because we want to hold on to people’s money, but simply because even when its snow and cold, running conditions are still very good.

Why a run during winter in Copenhagen is a must-do:

  • Fresh cheeks: The cold weather on your cheek is like a tissue of freshness. It will feel soothing when you run and when you return your cheeks will be red like the days when you were a child and played outside all day.
  • Winter light: On a really cold day here in Copenhagen the weather is clear and the light is magical and if you also have snow on the ground while you run in bright sunshine, this will for certain be a run that you won’t forget.
  • Beat the Elements: If the weather is truly giving you a good beating (usually this is the combination of snow and a head wind), then at the end of the run you will feel like the elements gave you the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. You will feel bulletproof for a few days after this.
  • Bodily Nirvana: A hot shower has never felt so good!
  • The cold as an experience: See a winter run in Copenhagen as an experience. If you are not used to running in the cold, then view it as an experience. I have had a man from Israel on our Private City Tour describing our winter run as the equivalent of his bungee jump experience. Admittedly, it was minus 8 and a wind-chill factor of three times this (this is very rare conditions), but I believe that this guest had one of the most memorable running experiences ever – and this is said as a positive thing. 🙂

Things to be aware of if when you go for a run during winter in Copenhagen.

  • Slippery surfaces: Be careful if there is ice or snow on the ground. As mentioned, most of the paths are cleared, but if you run in some of the parks or nature areas, or even along the harbour, you will have slippery conditions so ideally wear trail shoes and walk if you feel uneasy.
  • Tissue Alert: Running in the cold will make your nose run, so bring tissue (sleeves and blowing your nostrils directly on the street is not the way to do it)
  • Wear layers: We sometimes have guests on our running tours that turn up for a January run in shorts and short sleeves, and no matter how much of a Viking you feel, the Copenhagen winter will get the better of you. The amount of guys that have initially rejected my offer of using my gloves that then later are standing by the Little Mermaid trying to squeeze their big man hands into my gloves is surprisingly quite a lot.
  • Running in the dark: On weekdays in can sometimes be difficult to squeeze in a run during daytime and hence you may be running during the morning hours or afternoon. If you do have a read through our ”running safe in Copenhagen” or book us for a guided run – check all our running tours here.

Winter Running Routes:

The routes that are good for running during winter in snow conditions are the main roads on either the pedestrian walk or bike lanes (really only run in the bike lane if there are no bikes. If there is bike traffic, then stay on the pedestrian area. The Copenhagen cyclists look nice and friendly – they are not if you are running in their late, so don’t :-)).

The park Søndermarken has a lit up trail that is recommended during the darker times and here it is so flashy that you can outrun the lights. Wear trail shoes if you run in slippery conditions.

The harbour-ring is also good as you are away from the traffic and usually the paths are nicely cleared. Beware that if it is windy, you will for certain feel it along the water.

“The Lakes” (Søerne) is also a good area and the part of the lakes nearest the Planetarium has paved paths and these are quickly cleared and salted after a snowfall.

And then of course you have all our tours and our guide team at your disposal if you would like to do a guided sightseeing run here during winter. We can guide you to the main sights or we can leave the beaten tourist path and go all in on the ”real” Copenhagen.

Winter greetings and happy running,




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