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The Go! Running Tours Way

Go! Running Tours are by runners, for runners.

All runners have experienced that incredible run that stands out. Perhaps the sunrise was perfect, or the conversation was especially engaging, or there were true “wow” moments. After the run, you thought, “This was incredible.”

Those are the types of runs we hope to share with our guests every single time – even on rainy days when the sun is nowhere to be seen, be it in Tokyo, Mexico City, or Copenhagen.

At Go! Running Tours, we pride ourselves on our experiences, the quality of our tours, and our local knowledge. The way we share our cities and cultures, and the reliability and friendliness of our guides, sets us apart.

It’s our experiences that bring people closer, fostering cultural understanding, curiosity, laughs, and maybe even tears. But most importantly, our tours encourage dialogue. Almost no matter where we look today – be it continents, countries, cities, or even postcodes – there is a lot of division. People stand on either side of the fence, shouting. No one is listening, and the distance widens. I genuinely believe that our experiences do the exact opposite. We foster dialogue, critical thinking, questions, and the sharing of experiences and opinions. And I am extremely proud of that.

In Danish, we have the word “umage.” It’s a verb that means making a genuine effort. Umage is at the heart of Go! Running Tours. Everyone in the company makes a genuine effort to make our running tours friendly, interesting, and hopefully unforgettable.

We are granted 1-2 hours of our guests’ time, which is usually limited in a city, so the pressure is on us to ensure that this time is remembered by the guest as the very best time spent in a given city. That’s what we aspire to, and that is very often what we achieve (in all humbleness).

I personally recruit every single Lead Guide in Go! Running Tours, so that no matter which city you run with us in, you are met with a happy, knowledgeable, and friendly guide. Every single one of them is someone I would not only love to share a run with but also someone I would invite for dinner with my family at our home.

Our guides are not professional tour guides (though some are); they are passionate about their cities, our guests, and our experiences. They are keen to share the history, quirky facts, and local tips and recommendations. I am a big believer in the “real.” I am not a big believer in the “schooled.” This doesn’t mean we don’t need to know our facts and information. We do. But it means there is a lot of room for the authentic local experience – the Lena experience, the Lapo experience, the Daniel experience, etc. Every tour is different, and we do our utmost.

And yes, things go wrong sometimes, much to our and especially my regret. It may be a technical glitch, a communication issue, or a wrong hire (I’ve had to kiss a lot of frogs to recruit the right colleagues). But when it does, we do our utmost to fix the issue and also review the problem and learn from it.

That also means I am relying on guests and partners to let us know when we fail and where we can improve. I am personally not interested in providing average experiences, so please don’t hold back, and know that your feedback is welcomed… especially on average experiences 😉.

On a final note, thanks for reading this far. I’m glad I didn’t lose you. I hope you have gotten a better feeling for Go! Running Tours and what we are trying to achieve. More than anything, I hope you will become a loyal guest of ours, and we will see you run with us all over the world. If exercise isn’t your thing, I hope you will be a supporter of ours. Every person who has run a marathon knows the value of a “cheerer-extraordinaire” on the sideline. Be that person – we need you.

All the best and happy running,

PS: I love connecting on LinkedIn and Strava, so I hope you’ll look me up!