Australia is a fascinating mix of wild outback and modern cityscapes with Aboriginal tradition and a cosmopolitan feel. Cut off from Asia for millions of years, it has developed to have unique landscapes and wildlife that aren’t found anywhere else. These landscapes provide the backdrop to some of the best running tours we offer.

Our eco-running tours take you to the coastline that still feels almost untouched. Fill your lungs with this fresh air as you find out the intriguing history of Australia’s coastline. For these trips, we include transport so you can explore remote nature without having to run all the way there.

Cities are also excellent places to explore on running tours in Australia. Sydney and Perth are hip, arty and forward-thinking cities with world-class beaches next to restaurants from around the world. Wine and beer are a big part of Australian culture, and they accompany the country’s thriving gastronomy scene perfectly.

Our guided runs show you the main attractions in Australia, as well as the hidden secrets only the locals know. When exploring, you’ll find not only sights such as the Sydney Opera House, but also examples of street art and cultural titbits that aren’t in the guidebooks.

Australia is a huge country with lots to explore, so you need to move quickly. Our running tours in Australia are the fastest and healthiest way to explore, so lace up and let’s go running.