Austria must be among the most underrated countries in the world in terms of natural and architectural beauty. In both these fields, you’ll be taken aback at how stunning the country is. The Austrian Alps are just as impressive as their counterparts in the French-speaking world and Vienna’s prestigious buildings are simply peerless in quantity and quality.

The country has produced a whole host of geniuses too. From musical maestros like Mozart and Haydn to legends of the big screen such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christoph Waltz. No trip to Vienna is complete without visiting the coffee houses where some of the world’s greatest minds, such as Sigmund Freud, shared their ideas.

Anybody who has been to Austria will have noticed how remarkably clean it is. Not only that, but there are wonderful green areas that are perfect for guided runs. This environment almost forces Austrians to be outdoorsy types. You would have a difficult time finding a local who isn’t into skiing, hiking or running. When running in Austria, you can be paired up with a local guide who has a passion for the outdoors and for their city in equal measure.

So when you’re travelling to Austria, sign up for one of our sightrunning tours to see the country’s highlights and hidden gems with a guide who knows it best. Let’s go running!