Running in Columbia provides a golden opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this country.

The country is known for its biodiversity, which translates to more scenery for runners and tourists. Sceneries range from rainforests, scenic beaches, mountains and other unique ecosystems.

We provide the best-guided runs that allow you to enjoy Colombia’s unmatched sceneries. From stunning architecture, lush rainforest, snowy Andean summits, to name a few.

For years, the country has been troubled with political instability and conflicts, making tourism almost non-existent. But, over the last five years, and with records of low crime rates plus stable economic growth, Colombia is gradually rising as a significant tourist destination.

Colombia is loaded with colourful trails that cut through the country’s unique and diverse landscapes. This includes nature runs in the lush Amazon jungle, scenic tropical beaches, mountain trails, and paved urban runs. 

Besides being scenic, Colombia has friendly people that make the place even more hospitable—not forgetting their unique culture and delicious food that will leave you bewildered with amazement. The tropical climate in Columbia also is suitable for running.  

Our running tours in Colombia covers its capital, Bogota. Being multicultural and diverse, Bogota is a haven for runners. Here you will get various running venues such as national parks, mountains, classic architecture, and tropical beaches.

We have got you covered with its mountain trails and forested paths for nature lovers who fancy a quiet yet scenic running environment. History and cultural enthusiasts are not left behind. Our guided runs take you through Colombia’s past centuries as we explore its ancient architecture, historical sites, cultural heritage and unravel the country’s hidden secrets. If you don’t mind running through the bustling city, we also have urban runs.

With so much to explore and experience, join us as we tour Colombia’s best running routes.