Bogotá is a city located in the eastern branch of the Colombian Andes, within a high altitude plateau and surrounded by mountains. This is why we have mesmerizing landscapes and a huge diversity when we want to run in different environments: historical and political neighbourhoods, metropolitan parks or hikes in the nearby mountains. It’s a great city to jog as they close some of the main roads on Sundays and holidays for joggers and cyclers, and the city rests at 2.600m above sea level presenting an extra challenge.

Bogotá was founded in 1538 by Spanish conquistadors in the territories of the indigenous people called the Muiscas, and it became the capital of the viceroyalty of La Nueva Granada. But if you look on a map, Bogotá is in the middle of the country and very far away from any accessible trade routes like rivers or the ocean, so why did the Spanish settle here? They wanted to have political and economic control over the region, and the Muisca territories were already populated. In addition, they had access to extensive salt deposits in Zipaquira. So, although the city was difficult to get to, it became the capital from that moment to the present.

The city itself tells you its history through the architecture, the colonial downtown, the buildings and statues representing the independence and the republican period, the birth of the Athens of South America in the independence park and the periods of violence and civil disorder of the XX century in the ever-changing seventh avenue. Bogotá is known for its restaurants and gastronomy, the museums and art galleries, the metropolitan parks, natural areas and viewpoints like Monserrate. We can’t wait for you to come with us and discover our city!