Israel is an intriguing country for a whole host of reasons. The first thing that springs to mind is its conflict-ridden history dating back millennia. Jerusalem is the epitome of this conflict, considered holy land in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions. Today, you can walk through history in the wonderfully preserved ruins around the city.

But it’s not all about history and war. Tel Aviv’s nightlife is legendary and there are frequent secret parties that you can only hear about if you know the right people. It is a modern city during the daytime too, but with all kinds of bustling markets that hold on to the past.

If you’re more into natural than urban landscapes, you can run along the beautiful Mediterranean coast and breath in the fresh sea air. Alternatively, large parks are a firm favourite for people running in Israel.

So whatever your taste, Israel has got it. Join your local running guide, pull on your shoes and let’s go running!