Jerusalem takes a seat at the table of the most fascinating and contrasting cities in the world. The Holy City’s architecture reflects the fact that Jews, Christians and Muslims alike see it as a place of pilgrimage.

This has given rise to fantastic structures in the Old City. Chief among these are the Temple Mount compound with the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock.

But you don’t need to be religious to appreciate it. The historical scoresheet stands head and shoulders above other cities. Besieged 23 times, attacked 52, captured 44 and completely destroyed twice, it is a surprise Jerusalem is still standing today. Despite its tumultuous past, the city is drop-dead gorgeous and perfect for sightrunning.

It doesn’t just hark back to the past either. Our running tours in Jerusalem will cover all the historical essentials, but also reveal its modern charms. Present-day Jerusalem is home to all kinds of nationalities, whose influence you can see in the cuisine and culture. The large Armenian population in the city is clear in the Armenian quarter. This neighbourhood joins the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Quarters to make up the four main quarters of the Old City.

As you might expect, a city of such significance has a marathon. The Jerusalem marathon takes place around mid-March and passes by some of Jerusalem’s top attractions. But if you aren’t feeling competitive, you can still see the city while breaking a sweat with our running tours in Jerusalem. Lace up and get going!