The Netherlands is home to state-of-the-art design, Renaissance relics and bikes everywhere. It is a real all-rounder of a country that excels in cheese and good vibes. Whether you want to explore Dutch heritage in its bustling urban areas or glide through tulip fields dotted with windmills, you can find it all here.

Hate hills? Then you’ll love running in the Netherlands. The country is famously flat and irrigated by canals, which give you hundreds of kilometres of waterside runs. This natural backdrop rubs off on the people too. Sports, especially cycling, are hugely encouraged and a basic part of life. Because of this active national attitude, there are plenty of areas to go running in.

Serious runners get all kinds of opportunities to flaunt their skills with running races in the Netherlands. There are plenty of marathons in the Netherlands throughout the country and throughout the year. But as you’d expect in a nation of innovation, there are all kinds of unique races and novelty fun runs.

Running in the Netherlands is on the rise as people become more health-conscious and realise the joy it brings. Although it’s not quite on the level of cycling yet (because nothing is), take the opportunity to ride the wave and explore the country in the healthiest way possible.