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Restaurant Barr - review


Restaurant Barr probably has one of the most gastro-famous addresses in Copenhagen as it is located in the old Noma restaurant which we run past on most of our running tours . Along with 108 Restaurant Barr is Noma’s new sister restaurant and is the third restaurant (Noma, 108 and Barr) that falls within the Noma umbrella. The head chef and co-owner of Restaurant Barr is the well known Thorsten Schmidt of the former Malling og Schmidt and Ruths Hotel in Skagen.

The name ”barr” is not a hip version of ”bar” but indeed an old Irish word for ”produce” and also an old Nordic word for Barley. The focus on Barley links naturally with Restaurant Barr’s drinks menu dominated by beer. Some they have made themselves and some they are importing.

Restaurant Barr – The location

Restaurant Barr is as mentioned in the former Noma location. Strandgade 93. It is right by the Inderhavnsbroen (Inner Harbour Bridge) and boasts beautiful views over the main harbour. If you go and are so organised that you reserve a table in advance, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can be placed by one of the windows overlooking the water.

An arm’s length away is restaurant 108 and on the other side a small ”harbour”. All in all a great location, away from traffic (apart from bikes and pedestrians) and in an old warehouse, that oozes of ”hygge”.

Restaurant Barr – The Food

There is great emphasis on the fact that Barr is not a ”new Nordic restaurant” but instead a restaurant that is inspired by the eating and drinking traditions from the countries of the North Sea. The menu is very much down to earth and it is possible to order classic dishes such as Frikadeller (Danish meatballs) and Wienerschnitzel. I have always sworn that no-one makes Frikadeller better than my 93-year-old granma but head chef Thorsten Schmidt is right up there with her, so if you want to try a real ”classic Danish dish” then here are my warmest recommendations to get the Frikadeller. Also, the potatoes are pretty incredible, so treat yourself to these as well.

There are three dessert options, and while we did not have dessert, then if I should have, I would have without a doubt gone for the waffles from Southern Jutland. Because they know how to make sweets in Southern Jutland :-). The menu is a one pager, and the dishes range from simple potatoes or salad (DKK 55) to the mains which range between DKK 130-300.

Restaurant Barr – The beer and wine

Restaurant Barr - review
photo credit: facebook page of Restaurant Barr

Restaurant Barr is definitely a place for beer lovers. While the wine list you receive when seated is a one pager, the beer list is almost an almanac. There are 20 beers on draft and then a large selection of bottled beers, all presented under categories such as ”smoke, hop, crisp, roast and fruit and spice”. The staff is more than happy to advise on the selection, so ask away if you have any questions or like me a bit lost when it comes to beers.
Snaps or Akvavit is a traditional ”shot” that we drink for lunch and Restaurant Barr has an interesting selection of Akvavit so if you want to complete your “Danish” experience, then enjoy a snaps.

And here is the best part – Restaurant Barr is indeed also a bar, so if you don’t fancy to eat, cant get a table, or really just want to lose yourself in the many interesting beers, then you can simply go the bar and drink away. If you after a few drinks get a bit peckish, then there is also a bar menu, that has a few snacks. But with everything else at Restaurant Barr, I am pretty sure that the nuts or sausages are not the usual nuts and sausages you get everywhere else – they will for certain be nothing less than amazing.

Enjoy and thanks for reading so far!




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