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Get ready for the Best Breakfasts in Copenhagen. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you travel and have a full day of exploring Copenhagen in front of you, then breakfast becomes even more important. Especially from our running tour guests, we often get the question: Where is the best breakfasts in Copenhagen ? or where is good for breakfast? Now which is the best place to eat breakfast in Copenhagen and how do I define a good breakfast?

I guess the last question is the most appropriate one to start with so that if we are a complete mismatch when it comes to breakfasts, you can stop reading and not spend another 5-8 minutes in vain reading my take on the best breakfasts in Copenhagen.

Good breakfasts in Copenhagen include the following (in my humble opinion):

  • It is healthy – light yet filling!
  • The ingredients are all happy animals and happy vegetables. Meaning organic, free range etc. all the way…
  • It is made by people who care and take pride in their food
  • It has good coffee

Of course you can always grab a Danish pastry (read about our favourites here) from one of the best bakeries in town (see our complete list here) and head to a spot of your choice to enjoy your breakfast with a view. But if you fancy breakfast inside read on…

Møller Kaffe og Køkken

Located in Nørrebro, Møller Kaffe og Køkken is somewhat out of the way if you are staying in the city centre. But….it’s worth the 10-minute bike ride or 15 min public transport time it is likely to take you from the city centre.

The breakfast here is incredible and again, quality is the absolute core ingredient. The breakfast menu is an extravaganza of small delicious dishes and the thought is that you choose a few (or a handful if you get carried away like me). The selection ranges from the traditional scrambled eggs and bacon to avocado and grape. This is like going to a fancy restaurant but for breakfast and without the steep price tag.

I will say it again – one of the very best breakfasts in Copenhagen and worth the travel, if you are not staying in Nørrebro.

Sweet Treat

I run past Sweet Treat on every single one of my Christiania Tours and I don’t think I have once failed to recommend Sweet Treat. It’s a small place on Christianshavn, and if you are there early morning hours you will see the locals stopping for a coffee after dropping off their kids and prior to hitting the office.

The menu is simple and oozes of quality. It has everything your breakfast heart desires from fresh croissants to a breakfast plate with slices of cheese, sausage, yoghurt etc. My personal favourite at Sweet Treat is rye bread with a boiled egg and a black coffee! It’s a direct stairway to heaven!

PS: It’s a great place to also interact with the locals as there are no private tables, so grab a chair and rub shoulders with the local Copenhageners.

La Banchina

La Banchina was not on my original list, as it’s somewhat out of the city centre. However, after my wife jumped on her soap box about the uniqueness, the authenticity, the quietness, the intimacy, the view and the good coffee of La Banchina this is now on the list. Mostly because she is right, but also a little bit to ensure domestic peace :-).

La Banchina is rather unique as it is located in an old boat house and is very much hidden away from both traffic and also the main harbour. When you arrive you feel like you have found a little spot that no-one knows about and you have a great mix of artists, parents on maternity leave and army/marine people visiting this place. There are only a couple of tables inside, so if you go on a cold day expect to sit shoulder to shoulder with the others in the place, and if you go on a sunny summer morning, expect to sit outside and enjoy the peacefulness and incredible views.

The breakfast is simple and consists of croissants and then bread with cheese and jam. And then damn good coffee. You won’t find a lot of options and full brunch, but instead a simple breakfast option – and at least in my book  -that is all you need!

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to go to La Banchina for breakfast, but trust me, it is worth it – and if you are there for breakfast, then you can always stay for lunch and dinner as well. Or pop over to Amass for some fine dining.

Best Breakfasts in Copenhagen: 4 quick ones:

108 – The Corner: Noma’s sister restaurant that has the “corner” which is a walk-in area that from the morning hours serve coffee and pastries. Later during the day, they serve food and wine.

The Union Kitchen: Quite hip, and probably a bit too hip for my liking, but they have a great breakfast menu and is right in the city centre. The Union kitchen is just behind Nyhavn, so a great spot if you are up early and want to hit the sights straight away.

Apollo Bar: A bit overlooked, this bar is in the Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Directly translated – Art Hall Charlottenborg) and does simple, healthy and delicious breakfasts. Located between Nyhavn and The Royal Theatre, it does not get more central. Local, relaxed and somewhat arty!

Café Atelier September: This place first became famous a few years back for their “avocadomad” which is rye bread with avocado. For breakfast, they also have a great porridge and also yoghurt with for example zucchini. Exceptionally tasty and incredibly pleasing on the eye and very instagrammable 🙂

Thats it folks – my very best breakfast recommendations. Enjoy and I hope to see you on one of our running tours.




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