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2016 has been a great year for the Copenhagen food scene which means that 2017 is the year to try them all out if you have not done so already. For quite some years now, restaurants, bars, street food markets have been popping up all over the Danish capital and this year was no exception. Restaurants in Copenhagen 2017 is a list with my three favourite newcomers that you should try in 2017 and the restaurants that we are recommending frequently during our running tours. Choosing three have been somewhat difficult as there are quite a few to choose from and all very different. So as a disclaimer, this is purely my personal opinion (I am not an expert, I just like good food) and a selection of restaurants that I also believe are of particular interest to our running guests who are in Copenhagen to experience Nordic food either for lunch or dinner. Runners are foodies – it’s a fact! 🙂

Restaurants in Copenhagen 2017 – the top 3


108 is probably the most hyped restaurant to see the light of day in Copenhagen. It is a Noma spring off, and while the kitchen and menus are completely separate, this small restaurant did indeed make it to the international media in no time.

Restaurant 108The food is innovative, beautiful and exceptionally tasty, and with a focus on local ingredients. The wine selection is terroir driven wines with lots of soul (and taste) and the atmosphere in general is relaxed.

Many of our running tour guests either eat at Noma or tried to get a table at Noma and failed, so being able to suggest a Noma-related experience is of much delight both to us and our guests.

And for the ones not in the mood for dining at 108 it is still possible to have coffee, eat pastries and drink wine during daytime hours, while watching the flowing traffic of bikes and pedestrians at Inderhavnsbroen. A quiet, yet bustling place.

You can read more about the 108 menu, wine, location and kitchen here.


Our running guests have over the last few years enquired about good beer places and good food. So the opening of Spontan was a pure delight in our world. Sharp focus on beer, fantastic and aesthetic food and top this with a hip and urban location and you have another recommendation of ours.
Spontan has a former Michelin chef heading up the kitchen and a variety of beer that would represent paradise for most beer lovers. The food/beer pairing is interesting and fun, and it is a dining experience that comes with our best recommendation.

Spontan is also part of Brus which is beer bar, so even if you are not hungry or if you find yourself unable to get a table, we recommend still venturing to Brus/Spontan to dive into their vast selection of beers. Be careful though – some of them are damn strong! 🙂

Here you can read our full description of dining and drinking beer at Spontan.


Nabo is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is cosy, it is informal and it has exceptionally good food and wine. Nabo is owned by the Michelin restaurant Kadeau and is focused on local produce and needless to say the eating experience is delightful.

Often our running guests ask for a good place for a typical Danish lunch and here we of course have a handful of suggestions we share and Nabo is now one of them. With a simple selection of good and solid dishes as well as a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, this is exactly the type of Copenhagen experiences that we would like our guests to have.

Nabo is also a good place to meet the Danes as they on Monday serve ”sharing-dinner” at long tables where you sit shoulder to shoulder with the local crowd.

The restaurant is located in Christianshavn which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and quaint areas in Copenhagen, so the walk to and from the restaurant is a joy and the area boasts quite a few bars, cafes and restaurants, so it is also recommended to go for a stroll in the surrounding area.

You can read our full description of Nabo here.

This is it for now. I have listed three suggestions for excellent dining experiences in Copenhagen and I hope that you will enjoy at least one of them (but really – go for all!). Have a great time in Copenhagen and if you fancy a run (and you haven’t booked yet), then check out our running tours. And remember – a 5-10 km running tour means that you can eat 10.000 calories with good conscience, right ? 😉

Happy eating and happy running,


photo credit: facebook page of 108, Spontan and Nabo



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