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running in dublin

Whether you’re a world traveler or a lifelong “Dub”, running in Dublin is a must-do no matter what time of the year. Dublin is a diverse city near the sea and just beside the mountains. The cobbled streets of Dublin show the character of the city, while the kilometers of running routes by the Irish Sea are exceedingly refreshing. The guests on our running tours often ask for tips on running in Dublin, so we thought it would be a good idea to offer the complete guide.

The running scene is flourishing and you are spoilt for routes to undertake. You can book a running tour with a friendly guide who will show you their favorite local Dublin spots. This allows you to clock up some kilometers and get a gentle workout. You can also find running routes below and the opportunity to let your competitive streak out and join a race.

Below are a few items to know about the local running scene:

  • Sightrunning Tours
  • Dublin Running Races
  • Running Routes 
  • Running Shops 
  • Running Clubs 

Running in Dublin – the lowdown

So, Dublin is not famous for its weather but it should be famous for its running routes. Each option presents its own unique charm. If you are traveling on your own or you are visiting Dublin for the first time a private sightrunning tour is ideal. There is always the option to run through one of Dublin’s finest open spaces, Phoenix Park or join weekly park runs to time yourself on new soil.

Sightrunning Tours in Dublin

Running tours in Dublin are undoubtedly the best way to experience this “fair city” if you are unfamiliar with the area. It is an ideal method of running in Dublin as you are accompanied by an easygoing local guide. Your private running guide is available to meet you in your hotel or apartment if you are staying near the tours’ starting points. It is a safe, local and personal running experience and which allows the history and sights of Dublin to come alive while you clock your desired distance.

If you fancy a running tour jam-packed with history then the Dublin City Centre Tour is the ideal route for you.

If you are dying to run by the coast and give yourself a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city then do the Run by the Sea Tour.

running in dublin

Dublin Running Races

The Dublin running community has grown enormously over the last decade. There are a lot of running races in Dublin to choose from, for all kind of distances. There are of course the main events such as: 

Dublin Marathon  

Dublin Rock’n’ Roll Half Marathon

Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon

Dublin Run in the Dark

And then there are of course also the more local running races that do not have the same international attention and where you truly get to experience the local running culture in Dublin, like the Marlay parkrun, a 5km run that takes place every Saturday morning. For more information on races, check out the Running Races 2019 page.

Running Routes

The best running routes in Dublin are easy to navigate and let you experience Dublin’s open spaces. They are beautiful and green and give you a taste of Dublin.

5K running route: The Grand Canal run mixes the water on one side with the tree-lined roads on the other. It begins in the uber modern Grand Canal Dock and runs inland where you can experience the character of Dublin becoming stronger and more authentic. Baggot Street comprises of Victorian Dublin on one side and Georgian Dublin on the other. An extraordinary journey along the canal with many types of oak, chestnut, reeds, and swans. The run gives you the opportunity to admire various remarkable views of the most modern and typical parts of the boundaries of the city.  

10K running route or longer: Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe and is a perfect green open space. There are plenty of routes along both pathways or in the luscious fields. The main road through the park passes by Dublin Zoo, the presidents residency, and the Victorian flower gardens. Dublin City Marathon passes through here every October. Bring your camera as you can often spot the large herds of deer or a local cricket match.

Running Stores in Dublin

The best running stores in Dublin are:

Runlogic which is one of Dublin’s newest additions and is also right in the middle of Temple Bar.  

The Run Hub which has two stores in Ireland and also is a great place to stock up on nutritional snacks. 

Elverys is a long-standing running store (the first place where I purchased a pair of shoes back in the ’90s) where there are lots of choices.

Dublin Running Clubs

If you stumbled upon this blog post looking for a fun running club, then the below may help. Whether you’re looking to train for specific races or just meet and socialize with like-minded locals, you can’t go wrong. 

running in dublin

For group training, clubs such as DSD in the south of the city and Raheny Shamrock Athletic Club in the north will help you train for track and cross country events

BHAA is a well-established athletics organization that organizes up to 20 races every year in the Dublin, Meath, and Kildare.

And lastly, if there are any mountain runners amongst you IMRA would be the perfect fit.

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