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Sightseeing on the run in Sydney

Sydney prides itself as being one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and the best way to see it is by foot. Sydney is a young city filled with history and home to wellknown landmarks like Darling Harbour, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately you don’t always have time to be a tourist and see all these if you are walking… that’s where we come in!


The city
Sydney Running Tours will take you on a unique, safe and memorable run through our city. During the 7-10km run you will follow a safe route away from traffic (we all know what cars look like) to see the cities highlights. You will run past the sight where colonial Australia begun and the eye catchers we Aussies have built since. As you run, your guide will be sharing facts, stories, jokes and local secrets about the precincts, including aboriginal beginnings, early history, modern culture, plants and wildlife and even celebrity homes. Although Hugh Jackman is not our main focus, he will be the highlight when we run past him!

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour and its foreshore paths are the perfect place to run. You will pass gardens, local life and scenery that is just divine. We can take a turn into the city whenever you want to see a different side of Sydney. The skyscrapers and historic buildings are interesting, and Sydney’s streets will offer you more than enough cafes and restaurants to enjoy a rest after your run.

The beaches
If you have seen all the typical Sydney landmarks or you just want to get away from the city, no worries. Sydney has over a 100 beaches where we can take you for a run. We love running the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, and other similar routes. The views are spectacular, with mansions on top of cliff tops overlooking the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. We can run on the promenade or take a run on the beach to have a different experience. Tip: wear your swimmers, because we can end the run at a beach, and go for a swim or surf, it’s fun!

Fun for everyone!
It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are, you will feel right at home in Sydney. If this is your first run, we will take it slow and enjoy the scenery a bit more. Yet if you are an experienced runner and want to step it up, no problem. Sydney is good for trail runs, flat runs, hilly runs, interval training, steps, sand dunes and beach running. The opportunities are endless.

Friendly guides
The best way to see Sydney is to run with a local. Your Sydney Running Tours guide knows the best detours and has stories along the way to bring the city to life.

Tours available
You can go for a run with just you and your private guide,or you can join us on a scheduled run on Wednesday mornings. You can also run with your family and friends and larger groups. If you company is located in Sydney (lucky you), you can even go for a corporate run.

Best running times
Sydney is at its best during summer (winter most other places in the world). We love to go for a run in the morning. It’s not too warm and you still have the rest of the day free. Or join us for a sunset run as it gets dark and Sydney lights up in all its glory.

Memories to keep
Besides improving your health, you will be able to take home some amazing memories. However, that’s not all, during your run your Sydney Running Tours guide will take photos of you and all the sights that you see. You can take the photos home and enjoy this experience for the rest of your life! So, whether you want to go for a gentle jog and discover the sights or run at a fast pace and increase your fitness while traveling, Sydney is the place for you!


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