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Run along the Danube - pearl of the danue river.


Budapest – Pearl of the Danube

Running Tours in Budapest was dreamt by Eszter Boda who had already found the joy in combining running and travelling a long time ago during her business trips. It didn’t take too long to find a few people who share her passion for running and the love for Budapest and its stories. Today, Running Tours Budapest team works hard to collect all the interesting stories and legends about this great city and to find the best running tracks through the metropolitan. But the real magic is when we meet someone from the other half of the world who we can share the same passions with! Come, and let’s explore Budapest together!


I could tell you some interesting facts about Budapest now and try to prove that this is the best place in the whole wide world, but instead of this I will tell you why we at Running Tours Budapest are in love with this beautiful and mysterious city!

We love running along the mighty Danube and under its beautiful bridges no matter what season it is. This is why the Riverbank Tour is one of our favourite tours! We love running through the colourful castle district where time has stopped and you feel like running through history itself.

We love the moment when we reach the top of Gellért-hill, on a chilly spring morning and our eyes fill with the tears of joy as we look down on the awakening city.

We love running across the Chain Bridge at night and watch the lights of the city everywhere…On the bridges, on the top of the hill, along the Danube, reflecting in the water…

We love when we meet another runner from the other side of the world, when we share our stories and passion for running with each other and we become friends. We love the summer Budapest when there is a festival in every corner and the city is full of excited people!

We love the atmosphere of the city at night as we are sitting in one of the downtown’s bubbly pubs after a long run.

We love the hidden little streets of downtown where the houses and even the trees tell old stories about people long gone.

We love to run a little bit further and discover the beautiful forests and sights near Budapest.

We love to see the marks on our buildings what history made, and how Budapest went through the fires of adversity, because that is what made us who we are now. WE LOVE BUDAPEST!

And we definitely love to share and experience these things with other runners from around the world! So, I hope we have convinced you after all that Budapest is an experience you shouldn’t miss out! And if one visit is not enough then we will see each other again!


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