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Best Mikeller Bars in Copenhagen


What better way to finish off a running tour than with a beer of the highest quality? You probably already know Mikkeller – and we are here to guide you to the best Mikkeller Bars in Copenhagen. Mikkeller is considered one of the best craft beer breweries in the world, perceived as ground-breaking in its approach to brewing, while experimenting a lot with different tastes and possible brews. If you can think it, you can do it, with the result being a consistently great tasting beer, served in some of the best beer bars in Copenhagen.

Mikkeller was started in 2006 by a school teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, and has now grown to become one of the biggest craft breweries, exporting beer to all over the world, along with owing several breweries and brew pubs, combined with around 50 bars and restaurants internationally.

They are also the founders of the Mikkeller Running Club. With more than 200 chapters and 20.000 people running worldwide, MRC has proven that running and beer drinking,  is indeed connected! Read more about Mikkeller Running Club in our complete guide to running in Copenhagen and about the Mikkeller Evening Run in our guide to Copenhagen races in 2019.

This is where I spend most of my beer money……

List of the best Mikkeller Bars In Copenhagen:

CphAirport   –  Beer when you arrive, or just before you leave, open 24/7 365

Best Mikkeller bars, Copenhagen airport

If you aren’t in a hurry when arriving in Copenhagen, and in need of a quality beer, go visit Mikkeller CPH Airport. It’s a nice modern bar in a quiet corner of the airport, where your time is much better spent enjoying a cold beer than standing in line at the baggage return. There are around 20 beers on tap and many different cans and bottles to take with you (for a nice evening at the hotel?). You will find Mikkeller CPH Airport right between terminals A and B. 

Always my last stop when flying out from Copenhagen (I might even buy a can or two to bring with me…)

Hyggestund  – The best American style breakfast       

Hyggestund bar

My new favourite breakfast place in Copenhagen. Kind of American diner inspired, but with emphasis on the famous Danish “hygge”. It has a relaxed atmosphere, the kindest staff around, home made donuts, spicy chicken and even waffles. All served with organic sodas, juices, coffee or – of course – if you are in the mood for it – great beer. 

In the summer there is sunny outdoor seating in one of the cosy streets of Vesterbro. I really like just sitting there with a large black coffee.

Along with all of the aforementioned features, Hyggestund is also located right next to the original Mikkeller Bar  and Øl & Brød specialising in the great Danish smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches….)

Mikkeller & Friends   –  bar with great beer and atmosphere

Best Mikkeller bars in Copenhagen

Situated on Stefansgade – one of the cool and hip streets in the urban area of Nørrebro – Mikkeller & Friends is a beer bar specialising in excellence. With a staggering 40 beers on tap and up to 200 different bottles for sale, the beer selection is outstanding. It is quite a big place, all done in a sort of rough Nordic style but the layout makes it easy to find your own cosy spots even if you are in a group.

Connected to Mikkeller & Friends you find Koelship, the Mikkeller bar dedicated to Belgian beer, sours and Lambic. You often find very rare beers here. 

And it is near the finish line of one of my personal training routes so it is easy to stop by for rehydration 😊. 

Mikkeller Baghaven– sour beer, barrel aging, best view in town 

Best Mikkeller bars in Copenhagen

If you want an insight into the makings of great beer and sours especially, Baghaven is the place to visit. It is built in a big old ship hall left empty by Copenhagen’s once enormous shipyard, B & W.  Baghaven boasts 12 XL size beer foeders and numerous chardonnay barrels for ageing and blending beer. You can buy a tasting allowing you to taste beer in different stages of ageing and different blends. Wild and spontaneous fermentation is part of the Baghaven codex.

Baghaven has just about the best view in town, being situated right on the harbour front, just across from The Little Mermaid. It has outdoor seating in the sun – and if you want, you can go swimming in the harbour. 

The famous Copenhagen street food market Reffen is right next door to Baghaven, bringing a cool and vibrant atmosphere to the whole area. 

If you are up for a few extra kilometres, an afternoon Christiania Tour can include a visit to Baghaven. You just have to buy the guide a beer 😊.

Mikropolis  –  Mikkeller bar with the best beer cocktails in town, very trendy


Mikropolis is by far my favourite cocktail bar in Copenhagen. You find it in a small downstairs room close to our hip food market “Torvehallerne”. It has recently been modernized with a cool light and very Nordic design. There is a fair selection of beers, but it is the cocktails that really make the place. You can get a few classics, but it is their own – many of which include beer – that are the most interesting. 

Tip: Try the New Stark & Dorky!! 

Warpigs  – Texas BarBQ, in house brewery, butchers shop, solid rock music 

Best Mikkeller bars in Copenhagen

The only real Texas BarBQ in Copenhagen. You will find it in the Meat Packing District. It is the biggest Mikkeller place in town, seating hundreds of guests, both inside and outside the old butchers slaughter house in which it is built. This is where you go for MEAT and rock’n’roll!!!!! The meat is prepared in the in-house smokers (the biggest in Europe).  

Warpigs also has its own in-house brewery, so you will see actual brewing taking place while eating or drinking. The head brewer is always coming up with new recipes so there is a nice variation on the 22 taps from which beer is poured. 

Tip: If you are two very hungry people try the Texas Smørrebrød – literally a meat feast! And wash it down with my favourite Warpigs beer Big Drunk Baby – a fresh and fruity 9% double IPA. I urge you to go on a looong run before sitting down for a meal at Warpigs.

….and then just enjoy the very vibrant feel of the whole Meat Packing District. 

Hope to see you on one of my running tours.



Also in Copenhagen by Mikkeller: 

La Neta – Mexican fast food 

Selma – Smørrebrød specialists 

Bean Geeks / General Store – organic chocolate and Mikkeller outlet 

Ramen To Biiru – Japanese Ramen 

Bottle Shop  – bottles and cans outlet 

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