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The preparation for Guatemala City Half Marathon begins several months in advance. The organizers make arrangements for the event and call the previous participants to the event. The Municipality of Guatemala City is the organizing institution. They work together with many sponsors, who define the route, design the official T-shirt, handle the logistics and delivery of kits to each athlete, and maintain security during the event.

The race starts at 7:00 am. The corrals organize the athletes according to the time they did in the same race the previous year. The starting point is the Municipality located in the El Centro Cívico. This is the same square where prominent buildings like the Court Tower, the Public Finance Building, the Bank of Guatemala, and the central office of the social security stand.

Due to the large number of people attending, we advise you to reach at least one hour before the start of the event. Before the countdown starts, the attendees sing the national anthem of Guatemala. The starting flag is sung by the mayor of the city or sometimes by the President. Participants pass through the historic center passing by Central Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral in the first stretch. Then, they run along Simeón Cañas Avenue, the relief map, baseball diamond, northern racetrack and the Paseo de la Sexta. You enter zones four and nine through Reforma Avenue, passing by the Obelisk, the Avenue of the Americas, the monument of Pope John Paul II, Reforma Avenue, the polytechnic school, the Yurrita Church and a bit of the Cuadro Grados Norte cultural district.

Guatemala Half Marathon Running Conditions

The climate of Guatemala City is generally the same throughout the year. Guatemala City Half Marathon is held in August due to the celebration of the Virgin of the Assumption, named the patron saint of this place. The temperature ranges from 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. Most of this route has trees and ornamental plants located at the edge of the streets, avenues and boulevards. It combines with the camisole’s radiant green colour. Around 22,000 people participate in this event. The marathon staff is in charge of security, hydration points, official photographs, medal distribution, first aid, sound and order. They all work from 4:00 and finish until the last runner enters.

A large number of spectators attend the half marathon. All along the way, you can hear the applause and cheer from the crowd, school bands, and musical bands. Participating in this event and having the opportunity to achieve a personal record in time generates an enormous amount of adrenaline. Like many half marathons, Guatemala City Half Marathon is not easy, but the experience and the joy you feel is unparalleled. Once you do it, you want to do it every year of your life.

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