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There are many reasons to run in Ibiza, from its beautiful mixed landscapes to its unique culture and amazing people. The Mediterranean climate provides conducive environments for athletes to run in. Not forgetting the local cuisine and world-class restaurants that will make you love the place.

Located at the Mediterranean sea in Spain, Ibiza island offers impressive views such as waterfront promenades, beaches, sea views, and the broad vistas of the town, to name a few.

These 12 nature trails are what you need to explore and enjoy the sceneries of this magical island.

1. Sant Jordi Trail

Distance: 12km

Difficulty: Moderate to hard

Sant Jordi offers one of the most stunning trails to run in. The trail has several routes you can run in and has an elevation gain of 270m to 330m. One of the routes takes you along small dirt tracks through the forest and up a rocky trail. Following this trail leads you to impressive views of Formentera and the Salinas beach.

2. Talamanca Trail, Ibiza

Distance: 11k

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

With an elevation of 120m to 240m, this rocky trail starts from Talamanca to the beach and then takes up a road leading back to Talamanca. Though steep and rocky, this trail has breathtaking views that can be seen once you reach the top.

3. Salinas to Torre De Ses Portes Trail

Distance: 9.3km

Difficulty: Easy

Having an elevation gain of 55 metres, this flat route leads straight to Torre De Ses Portes, an ancient watchtower in Ibiza. The salinas trail is tranquil and it’s shaded reasonably so you won’t take much of the heat. It also offers amazing views of the sea, salt flats and sandy beaches. 

4. Es Broll De Buscatell Trail

Distance: 4.5km 

Difficulty: Moderate 

This colourful loop trail starts is located in a state park. It’s a perfect trail for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. We recommend visiting this trail during spring. This is when water is effortlessly flowing through the maze of stone channels. This season also provides a serene environment that makes it great for running., You can still visit during summer, although the trail during this time is dry and sometimes dusty.

5. Cala Mastella – Cala Boix – Torre d’en Valls

Distance: 8.4km

Difficulty: Hard

With an elevation gain of 222m, this trail is ideal if you fancy a challenging running trail with beautiful scenery. It starts at Cala Mastella, a beach in Santa Eulària des Riu. You can extend the trail to reach Cala Boix, by passing through the woods to the Cap Roig peninsula. From Cala Boix, you’ll pass through Canal d’en Mart that will take you to Torre d’en Valls.

6. Sant Carles Trail

Distance: 9km 

Difficulty: Easy

The course of this route is relatively flat which makes it easy for anyone to run in. It’s full of dirt road tracks and runs through the woods, for an enjoyable and tranquil running experience. One of the scenic views that this trail rewards you with is ancient Phoenician silver mines that date as back as the 7th century.

7. Santa Eulalia Waterfront

Distance: 2km

Difficulty: Easy

Located in Santa Eulalia, the third-largest town on Ibiza Island. The town has breathtaking views of the beach and the promenades. This trail takes you along this beautiful promenade adorned with palms and paved with red bricks. Midway through this magical trail, you’ll run past the Passeig del Port, where you’ll get a chance to enjoy more views of the sea and boats.

8. Cap De Falco (Ses Salines Natura Park)

Distance: 7.2km 

Difficulty: Easy

Cap De Falco route is a loop trail is located near Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. It has an elevation gain of 221m and can be used by anyone of any fitness level. It’s located at a mountain peak and therefore offers impressive vistas of the mountains, sea, and beaches.

9. Cala Es Codolar

Distance: 6km

Difficulty: Easy

Cala Es Codolar trail has a lot of offer when it comes to sceneries. The trails take you past a pet cemetery, secluded fishermen’s huts, Sa Caleta beach and past the remains of ancient settlements of the first Phoenicians. You’ll also get the chance to experience astounding views of Cala Jondal.

10. Sant Mateu Trail

Distance: 5km

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This trail offers dramatic views of the cliffs and the waters and has an elevation of 170m to 300m. Running along this short but colourful trail leads you through meadows and a fruit grove.

If you like it more challenging or you want to enjoy more sceneries, you can run down a steep slope that leads right to a rock bridge that faces the sea. And then run up again.

11. Sant Josep Trail

Distance: 6.1km

Difficulty: Moderate

12. Sant Antoni De Portmany Promenade

Distance: 3km

Difficulty: Easy

This is yet another scenic trail in Ibiza. The trail spans out more than 3km and offers impressive views of Sant Antoni De Portmany town. It starts at Caló el Moro and ends at Carrer des Molí. Among the things, you’ll come across include an amusement park and Passeig del Mar pier, a fishing pier.



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