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The Top 10 Nature Runs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the top list travel destination for joggers, hikers and runners alike. Every trail in this city has splendid sceneries and a pleasant climate for runners.

Below are 10 of the best nature’s runs in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Trail

Distance: 50 km
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Lugard Road

This hilly and challenging trail starts from Victoria Peak to Tai Long Wan. The trail consists of eight sections which are well marked at every 500m. What adds more to the challenge is that some sections have pavements, with others being remote and quite rugged. But, if you enjoy challenging run trails, this is a must-try.

One good thing about this trail is that it’s shaded by trees, so you won’t take much of the heat from the sun.
You can quickly get to the Hong Kong trail by taking a taxi or a green minibus number 1 just beneath the IFC mall.

Mount Davis Path

Distance: 4km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Pok Fu Lam Road

Mount Davis trail may sound like a challenging, steep trail route, but it’s actually one of the easiest to climb. The trail leads to the summit, from where you’ll see the beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Mount Davis trail does not only have stunning views, but the place also used to be a World War II artillery depot for the British army. So you may come across a bunker and even some remains of the ancient fort ruins.

Waterfall Bay Park

Distance: 1-2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Wah Fu Estate

Waterfall Bay parks trails offer spectacular scenery in the southwest of Hong Kong Island. From here, you’ll enjoy the picturesque waterfall and the scenic views of Lamma Island. You’ll mostly pass people chilling out playing chess or dog walkers.

One of the ways you can get to this trail is by taking bus number 23 from Pokfield Rd bus terminus on Pok Fu Lam Rd.

Bowen Road

Distance: 4k
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Magazine Gap Road

Bowen Road is one of the iconic runs in Hong Kong and perhaps the city’s signature run. The trails’ vehicle-free policy calls for a quiet (away from the city’s noise and traffic) and peaceful morning run, with the trees providing a fair shade.
Besides being a peaceful quiet route, the Bowen Road trail also allows you to enjoy the scenic vistas of Wanchai.

The trail has fitness points and is relatively flat terrain, which makes it a perfect spot if you’re looking for a peaceful place to run at.

Victoria Peak

Distance: 4km
Difficult: Moderate
Location: Lugard Rd to Harlech Rd

The Victoria Peak is a 360-degree trail that allows you to see the stunning views of Hong Kong’s imposing architecture. To get most of the scenery, we’d recommend running at this trail around sunrise and sunset.

One of the many options you can the trail is taking the Peak and starting at the Peak Tower. But, you can traverse this trail in any direction. The choice is yours.

Happy Valley Race Track

Distance: 1.4km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Hong Kong Jockey Club

The Happy Valley Racecourse is situated at Hong Kong Jockey Club and is a great place to run and work out. It offers spectacular views of the Causeway Bay, Hong Kong skyline, and Wanchai.

This recreational ground has a 1.1 km racetrack for joggers, most of whom prefer running around the 1.4 km paved track that encloses the ground.

To get to Happy Valley racecourse, take the MTR to Causeway Bay, and then from there, take a tram to Happy Valley.

MacLehose Trail

Distance: 100km
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Pak Tam Chung

The MacLehose trail is divided into a section like the Hong Kong trail, making it easier to complete the entire route. However, you’ll need to prepare physically in advance to manage most of these sections.

This running trail involves climbing up and down hills and mountains, running through bushes and reservoirs. The MacLehose trail gives you the privilege to enjoy the varied scenic landscapes of the city.

Taking the MTR will get you to bus stations that can take you to any section of the MacLehose Trail. For example, if you want to go to sections 3 and 4, take the MTR (Shatin station) to ShungLong Wo and take Bus number 299X.

Wilson Trail

Distance: 78km
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Stanley

This Wilson trail is a long-distance trail that cuts through different landscapes from forests to mountains and parks. The trail starts at Stanley and ends at Nam Chung Village. It is divided into ten sections and takes you from south to north through 8 country parks.

On this trail, other spectacular sceneries you’ll come across include Amah rock, ancient ruins, and Jardine’s lookout.
To get to Wilson trail from Central, take bus number 6A, 6 or 620 at Exchange Square, and get off at Wilson Trail at Stanley Gap Rd.

Lantau Trail

Distance: 70km
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Lantau Island

The Lantau trail is a rugged trail that spans out 70 km. This trail is also divided into 12 sections, with some sections being easily runnable and accessible than others.

The Lantau trail leads to the third-highest peaks in Hong Kong, which makes it more challenging than other trails. Still, this trail rewards you with stunning vistas of the city as well as clear views of the Big Buddha.
To get to the Lantau trail, take the MTR to Tung Chung and take bus 3M and drop off at Pak Kung Au.

Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade

Distance: 3.2 km
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate
Location: Ma On Shan
Ma On Shan trail is probably every runners’, bikers’ and walkway. The trail offers the stunning scenery of Tolo harbour.

The place is, however, crowded, and you may have to force your way through. Despite being crowded, this promenade has one of the best views Hong Kong has to offer, which includes views of the eight legendary peaks of Pat Sing Leng.

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