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Ibiza is one of the favorite holiday destinations for thousands of tourists every year, this is largely due to the beauty of its beaches, endless nightlife, variety of cuisine, and a unique culture that is reflected in each of its villages. In recent years, the island has experienced an increase in the number of devotees to our favorite sport. Running in Ibiza is an excellent way to experience all that the island has to offer. Running is becoming more and more popular, with options ranging from single track trails, to running tours in Ibizia, making it an environment suitable for all kinds of runners. Check out our guide to get a feel of the local running culture on this beautiful island;

  • Sightrunning
  • Running Races
  • Running Clubs
  • Running Climate

Every day there are more lovers of running, who enjoy training sessions which take them through the streets of Ibiza, Sant Antoni, Santa Eulària and the rest of the towns that make up this island.

Sightrunning in Ibiza

Running in Ibiza is perfect for the active traveller, and we recommend that you take some time to discover the charm that is prevalent in every corner of the island, whether it be in the city, on its beaches or areas further inland, all while practicing your favorite sport. There are both steep climbs for the hardened cross country runner, and long beaches, perfect for intervals and sprints.

Dalt Villa - Running in Ibiza

The city of Ibiza, the capital of the island, has one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in Europe. Running in the old town of Ibiza (Dalt Vila) is like going back in time through its labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets which eventually lead to the cathedral.

Salinas Natural Park - Running in Ibiza

Another one of the most charming places to run in Ibiza, is the Ses Salines Natural Park, to the south of the city. Walking along its paths, you can observe the rich fauna that surrounds the exuberant beaches of es Cavallet and Ses Salines. Along with the stunning nature, there is also evidence of the old lives of the inhabitants of the area, like the watch towers of es Carregador and ses Portes, or the churches of St Francesc and of Sa Canal.

Go Running Tours Ibiza, is a new company on the island. We offer different guided running tours throughout the island, to help you discover the beauty of this Mediterranean paradise. You could choose a Must see Running tour in Ibiza, an Ibiza Downtown Tour if you want to enjoy the city, or if you prefer to feel the power of nature, the Salines Natural Park Tour will fit your wishes.

Running Races in Ibiza

Ibiza has a very complete racing calendar, with some great international events, and a lot of popular races that grow year after year in terms of the number of participants. Among the most important races, we have the Ibiza Marathon on April 6th and the Ibiza Half Marathon on April 28th. The other two races are held in the fall, with the Ibiza Trail Marathon at the end of October, and the 3 Day Ibiza Trail, during the last weekend of November. Check out our post on running races or view the full racing calendar here.

Running Clubs in Ibiza

There is a large number of athletic clubs in Ibiza, formed by runners of all ages and levels. Here we present you with the three clubs that have had the greatest impact on the island.

Club Atletismo Ibiza

This club is made up of almost thirty enthusiastic athletes who share their training, focused on progress and competitions. They organize club trips to participate in the great races of the Spanish territories. The website of this club is a good reference in terms of information on athletics on the island, such as running races, duathlons and triathlons. To stay up to date you can visit their website and browse their news section on athletics.

Club Atletisme Santa Eulària

Another one of the clubs with more active runners is Club Atletisme Santa Eulària. It always gathers a large number of runners in all local competitions, and organizes club trips to participate in the major events of the Spanish capitals. In addition, this club organizes a race every year – the Sant Carles Trail – which will be happening mid-autumn this year.

Trideporte Ibiza

This club was originally formed to prepare athletes for Triathlon competitions. Currently, it is one of the most important clubs for lovers of the Trail Running. They have a store where you can buy best equipment from the best brands for cycling or trail running. Fátima Blazquez, its president, is a coach of elite athletes, while organizing numerous sporting events in Ibiza, including the 3 Days Trail Ibiza, an extraordinary trail running race divided into three days.

Ibiza Running Climate

The fact that Ibiza is a paradise in the Mediterranean Sea is nothing new. It is already renowned for its historical and cultural legacy, its famous nightlife and it’s exquisite gastronomy. And to add another positive aspect to the island, we can not forget the mild winters, and hot summers which offer more than 330 days of sunshine each year.

In the winter season you can go running with running tights, a technical shirt and if you want a windbreaker. Although there are still runners who wear shorts during our winter period.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to run in shorts and a shirt, and any time of day during those seasons, provide an ideal climate for the practice of our favorite sport. If we are lucky, there may be some days of storms during this time of the year, and I say lucky because rain is always necessary in a place with so many sunny days …

Summer months are really hot, and we try to run only in the early morning, or at around sunset, because during the daytime the heat does not make running very enjoyable. Alternatively, you can run a few kilometers along the coast, and end up jumping into the sea when the heat becomes unbearable.

Running in Ibiza

Running in Ibiza is a must do in your next trip to the island, you can do it by yourself wherever you want, or enjoy this new way of sightseeing, by running with one of our guides, from a company that has been guiding hundreds of runners around the world.

Peace, love, and lots of runs.



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