See the heart of Europe with our running tours in Belgium. Three official languages and many EU headquarters make it a great example of multiculturalism in action. With open green spaces, enchanting architecture and delectable cuisine, sightrunning tours in Belgium are an obvious choice.

On our running tours, you can pack more info into less time than a standard walking tour. Your local running guide will show you not only the main sights, but the local secrets too. So why put up with the slow-moving crowds when you can experience Belgium from a local’s perspective while getting your daily workout?

If running is your thing, you simply have to check out our running tours in Belgium. There is no faster, healthier and more sociable way to see this crossroads of Europe.

Belgium is awash with architectural and natural beauty. From the fairytale city of Bruges to the caves, castles and valleys of Wallonia. You can get an even better insight into the country’s history in the amazing museums of Brussels. But architecture and history isn’t the only thing Belgium has got going for it.

When it comes to gastronomy, Belgium really stands out. Moules-frites is one thing, but the North African influence brings with it a whole host of new flavours. That’s not even mentioning waffles and Vlaams (Flanders) fries. Post dinner, you can pick up some delectable chocolates before testing your palate with Belgium’s endless variety of Trappist beers.

After indulging a bit, our running tours in Belgium provide a fun and healthy cure. Get a local’s introduction the major sights in the country and the cultural quirks that aren’t in the guidebooks.

However, Belgium is not all quaint buildings and delicious chocolate. The country suffered hugely during World War One and World War Two and the scars remain today. You can walk through history in Belgian museums as well as in preserved areas that work as an engaging and eye-opening history lesson on modern Europe’s most significant conflicts. 

So you’re a runner, but you want to know about the places you visit. The answer is easy. Check out our running tours in Belgium and see the country from a local’s perspective as you do your daily run.