Brazil really has something for everyone. Beaches, mountains, dancing and football ooze through the country’s culture. So whether you want stunning waterfalls, white sandy beaches or just to soak up the city vibes, Brazil is an obvious choice.

On our running tours in Brazil, you’ll immediately be struck by the diversity. Since the Portuguese arrived and encountered indigenous tribes, Brazil has been the epitome of a cultural melting pot. With people hailing from everywhere in the world, including the largest Japanese diaspora outside of Japan, it is an incredibly cosmopolitan country.

All of this diversity results in uniquely Brazilian music and food. Samba, Forró and the dancing martial art of Capoeira are just the tip of the iceberg. After your guided run, you’ll need to refuel. Brazil is foodie heaven, taking influences from all over the world. On our running tours in Brazil, you can ping questions to your local guide all about the regional dances dishes where you are.

For serious runners who just can’t get enough, there is a wealth of running races in Brazil. For example, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo’s marathons are a great idea for a masochistic sightrunning tour. Furthermore, the yearly cultural events, such as Carnival in Brazil, are a huge part of the culture, and your visit is sure to coincide with an eye-opening event.

Unfortunately, you can’t explore every bit of the world’s 5th largest country even in an entire lifetime. However, our running tours in Brazil are the best introduction to the top sights and the local quirks. Let’s go running!