Forget the guidebook and get a local’s perspective on our running tours in Hungary. From the stunning architecture of Budapest to the verdant forests surrounding Lake Balaton, Hungary is home to stunning urban and natural landscapes.

Our guided runs give you way more than just the standard sightseeing tour. Your guide will let you in on all the local secrets that will last long in the memory. We have all kinds of routes, from trail runs and riverside jogs to sightrunning tours and historical adventures.

So if you have a passion for running and discovering new destinations, our running tours in Hungary are for you. Join your local guide and change your whole idea of what sightseeing is.

From a dominant empire to a fascinating tourist hotspot, Hungary is full of beauty and intrigue. When you’re visiting, you simply must learn about the country’s turbulent past and blossoming party culture. Luckily, your guide is on hand to share the country’s history, culture and the best routes for running.

The vast natural landscape makes for fantastic river running and trail running tours in Hungary. The Danube, which splits the capital’s Buda and Pest neighbourhoods, is one of Europe’s most important rivers and an excellent spot for a run. All 77 kilometres of Lake Balaton are perfect for those who want to get off the beaten track. Here, you can go beyond just trail running and try cycling, water sports and much more.

If you prefer city runs, there are few better places than Budapest. Grandiose architecture, nearby trail runs and a bouncing nightlife make the Hungarian capital fantastic for active tourists. You can also relax in one of the natural baths all over the country — great for post-run relaxation.

With all these incredible landmarks and landscapes to see and visit, be sure to bring your phone well-charged. One of the advantages of your private sightrunning tour is that you have the flexibility to stop and snap a pic, or simply bask in the beauty around you.

So why keep your passions for running and discovering new places separate? With Go! Running Tours in Hungary, you can see all the major sights while you log some kilometres on your Strava. Let’s go running!