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Twice a year Newline updates their running clothes collection and every time they do this I have a ”favourite” item. And the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection did not let me down.

Without any comparison, my favourite clothes item this season is the IMOTION Baggy Windbreaker Shirt. Its cool, its funky, its functional and it is comfortable. What is not to like, right ? And it is the shirt that has put me in bad standing with the Copenhagen Airport Ground Services.

In the name of transparency let me first off let me state that I am sponsored by Newline. Anyway, now let’s dive into the details of this IMOTION baggy windbreaker running shirt.


Some of you are perhaps familiar with Newline’s IMOTION collection so my apologies if I bore you now, but to the ones who have never heard of it before, then IMOTION, is Newline’s more fashionable running clothes. This is what I always refer to as their ”playground collection” as this is the clothes line where they play with colour, styles and looks. The IMOTION portfolio is my favourite of all their clothes lines and for the exact reasons listed above – the clothes is fun, different and stylish. Something that is much appreciated when you spend half your working day in running clothes.

The other Newline collections are the ICONIC – the very technical and high end clothes – and the BASIC – that is the base collection where functionality and continuity is focus and with a price tag that is easily digestible. View them all on Newline’s website here.

The Shirt Construction:

Windbreak Layer:

Many multilayer windbreaker items have the windbreak layer closest to the body. This personally annoys me a bit, as I want the soft comfortable fabric closest to my body and the windbreak layer on the outside. Newline has gotten this right. The windbreak is on the front and covers the entire body except for the shoulder and arms.


There is a hood, that can protect you from wind and cold, and it has a good fit, so that it does not take any vision when turning your head. I personally very rarely run with headgear, but if I did, I am sure I would like the hood. Now I just like the hood, because it looks good. The style is of course baggy, which makes this shirt feel like your best ”Sunday-on-the-couch” outfit – comfortable.

Nice Details:

The shirt is tightened at the neck and bottom by wide drawstings, that are easy to use even with cold hands and not inconvenient when running. The logo and artwork on the shirt is in bronze colours, which simply looks great and makes a nice change from the regular reflective logos.


The main material is heather material which means that if almost feels like you best trackie bottoms, but at the same time it functional so that it during running it transports sweat away from your body and it keeps your body dry. The windbreaker material is very thin and light, and the shiny look makes a good contrast to the heather material in my opinion.

For the super nerdy readers, then the details are as follows: Main material: 49% Polyamide / 38% Polyester / 13% Elastin //  Windbreaker: 96% Polyamide / 4% Polyester /


One of my pet hates is clothes that makes a noise or sound when you run. I think everyone knows the ”swosh swosh” sound of clothes rubbing against each other. Personally this can drive me up the wall (don’t get me started on the sound of loose coins or keys in pockets). For a baggy shirt, this could be a risk, but as the windbreaker material is only on the front of the body, there is no sound when running and still it has great functionality.

Now back to the airport

And how does all this fit in with Copenhagen Airport ? Let me tell you – just 3 weeks ago i travelled to France and upon my return my bag was lost including my IMOTION Baggy Windbreaker. I have been calling the airport pretty much non-stop to find this bag, and I have now been requested not to call anymore. I guess in best first date style I got the ”I will call you” treatment…

And hey if you want to challenge yourself, then try to describe a running shirt with “a shiny front, a hood and bronze logo”, to a ground service employee… they thought I was describing a car !?!? It was then, they asked me to stop calling every day and informed me to wait for their call. Still no call…but more gutting – still no IMOTION Baggy Windbreaker Shirt.

You can view and buy the IMOTION Baggy Windbreaker Shirt here

Thanks for reading this far and i wish you all a great autumn and winter with lots and lots of kilometres.

Happy running from Copenhagen,