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Running Copenhagen T-shirt - City Tour


For a very very very very long time, I have been walking around with this idea or wish I guess you can say, to sell a Go! Running Copenhagen t-shirt that was less of a running t-shirt and more a type of t-shirt that you could wear in non-running settings. Yet, still a nice memory of a running tour here in Copenhagen.

Running Copenhagen T-shirt - City TourNEW Running Copenhagen T-shirt means no lycra, no dryfit – just lush organic cotton and lots of good conscience

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The material of the t-shirt is organic cotton, which means that you can with good conscience wear it close to your body and also know that the cotton has been grown in an environmentally friendly fashion. The t-shirts are printed in the UK using non-toxic printing material, and Alexandra has produced the design in a fun and friendly office environment here in Copenhagen with just her boss hovering over her 🙂

The design of our new Running Copenhagen T-shirts

So we could have had our company name, and the Royal Guard on the t-shirt, but instead we decided to display the running routes of our standard tours. They turned out to be pretty cool looking if you ask us and rather pleasing on the eye. While the City Tour looks a bit like Jutland or a man, then Christiania tour is beautiful with the shape of the moat, and ironically the Urban Tour looks a bit square.

We have of course included the Go! Running Tours logo, so that you have no doubt that you have been running with the Go! Running Tours and the next time when you travel you should run with other Go! colleagues around the world. Unless you want to run with us again, then we would be delighted to guide you on yet another run here in the city. And feel free to choose the tour based on the Running Copenhagen T-shirt design you prefer ;-).

The orange t-shirt is still here

If you, despite our best efforts to sell you our black cotton Go! Running Copenhagen T-shirt, still prefer our orange t-shirt that the guides wear, then you can of course still buy this. But these come with a bit of pressure as we prefer to see the following running etiquette when wearing the Orange t-shirt.

  1. No jumping red lights (at least not in Copenhagen as the locals will think it is us breaking the law.)
  2. If you are wearing it in a race, please don’t be the person that pushes a 5-year-old out of the way while shouting bad words (we all know the type)
  3. You don’t have to run fast – just run happy !

If you want an orange t-shirt shoot us an email or book during the booking process.

Thanks for reading so far and happy running,


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