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Running races Aarhus


Aarhus has many running races throughout the year, mostly during spring and summer, with the Aarhus Half Marathon being the one that attracts the most runners from all over the country and world. However, Aarhus also offers a few races in the wintertime as it is never too cold to run :).

Guests on our running tours are often interested in upcoming running events. Aarhus Running Races 2024 is a list of noteworthy running races, and 2019 was a special year because Aarhus is the host city of the World Cross Country Championship 2019.

Aarhus running races

Main Aarhus Running Races

BESTSELLER Aarhus City Half Marathon

Date: 16 June 2024

Distances: Half marathon and 11 km 

The route takes its runners through a closed-off central Aarhus, on a day when vehicles stay in the garage. Along the way, you will pass by all of Aarhus’ famous attractions, including The Old Town museum, the art museum AROS and the theme park, Tivoli Friheden. 

The half marathon is for everyone – beginners, joggers, experienced joggers, and elite runners! Even though Aarhus is a hilly city, the route is for the most part rather flat and an easy run. The run is primarily on concrete, and some parts will be dominated by cobblestone. For 43% of the participants in the 2018 BESTSELLER Aarhus City half marathon, it was their first half marathon ever so it is a good half marathon for first-timers.  

Aarhus running races
Aarhus half marathon

With up to 12,000 participants, you are in for a running party so be prepared for many runners in a small city, comprehensive entertainment throughout the route, and great support from the many “Aarhusianere”, who will cheer for you all the way along the way. 

As a new feature, the half marathon also offers you the “Run with me” option, in which your running buddy who is not so keen on running a complete half marathon can join you on the last 11 km.  

Interested? You can sign up here.

Royal Run Aarhus 

Date: 20 May 2024

Distances: one mile, 5 km, and 10 km

Time: 11 AM for 1 mile, and 11:30 AM for 5 km and 10 km (options of walk and run)

Aarhus running races - Royal Run
Royal Run Aarhus

When Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark turned 50 in May 2018, he celebrated it by running with 70,500 people in the five largest cities in Denmark. It was such a great success that the Royal Run is now returning.

If you want to say that you have been running with a royal in Aarhus, Royal Run is the race for you as the Crown Prince will start the big race day with a one-mile run in Aarhus.  

The event is organized so that everyone can participate. Athletes and experienced runners can compete as well as children, families, the elderly, and those with a handicap can enjoy the festive running atmosphere or choose to walk the distances.  

Royal Run is not so much about running, but more about having fun and being active together. Its goal is to encourage people to be physically active through running. Royal Run is an enjoyable run with happy runners, many supporters, and a nice flat route through the center of Aarhus. For the 10 km route, you will get a unique opportunity to run in the garden of the Royal summer residence and around the residence. Go! Running Tours Aarhus will not miss this opportunity and will join the 10 km route. 

Aarhus running races - royal run
Running in Aarhus even on my days off!

Aarhus 1900 Half Marathon 

Date: TBA 2023

Distances: Half marathon and quarter marathon

Time: TBA

The keyword for this run is coziness, and it is for runners at all levels. One of the biggest and oldest running clubs in Aarhus, Aarhus 1900, is the organizer of this half marathon that takes place in the late summertime. 

The race starts and finishes close to the city center of Aarhus and will take you around the picturesque Brabrand lake, which is a calm nature area just outside the city center. The route is flat so there is a great opportunity to improve your PR or just enjoy the nature area. 

Sign up here for the run.

Smaller and Club Aarhus Running Races

If you’re keen to mixing up your runs and trying those lesser-knowns, here you can find some fun and quirky Aarhus running races;

The Winter Race Hermans (Vinterløbet Hermans) 

Date: TBD

Distances: 5 km or 10 km

Time: Tentative

Stay running even though it is rather cold outside. The winter race is both for the serious runner who wants to make a new PR and for the runner who just runs for fun. Each year, the Winter Race Hermans opens up for four unique races during the wintertime in Aarhus. You can sign up for all four races or only for the one(s) you want to join. 

The winter runs are a unique opportunity to keep you motivated during the dark months and ensure that you stay in shape for the many spring races. The races are held in four unique locations so you are guaranteed a new route for each race you participate in.  

Sign up for one or more of the races here.

Ladies Mud Race Dark Edition 

Date: TBD 2024

Distance: 5 km 

Time: 7 PM 

Light, fire, and colors are the keywords for this 5 km dark run taking place just outside of Aarhus in the area of Vestereng. The race takes place in the woods, on paths and open terrain in the rumbling darkness with torches lighting up the paths for you, but only in some places of the paths. As a participant in this race, you will wear headlamps and glow sticks. If you are afraid of the dark – this is not the race for you 🙂 Warm soup will be waiting for you after the race.  

If this information has caught your interest, sign up for the race here.

Aarhus Architecture Run

Aarhus Architecture Tour

Date: Various

Distance: 10km

On this 10 km running tour you will encounter architecture in Aarhus developed during the last 1000 years, from the first cathedral to funkis-buildings and some of the newest architecture on the waterfront.

DHL relay 

Date: TBD 2024

Distance: 5 km relay and 5 km walk 

Time: 6:30 PM

Every year in August, the Memorial park in Aarhus turns into a big folk festival when 47,000 runners participate in the 5×5 relay or the 5 km walk. This is the occasion for local companies to get together, socialize, and team-build – no wonder that this running event has been named the world’s greatest company party. 

When participants are not running, they are enjoying social time with their friends and colleagues in the area around the race in the Memorial park. Companies are setting up tents, garden chairs and are barbequing so the last runners will run in the smell of grilled sausages 🙂 

This event is definitely a great activity to get to know your colleagues outside of the office, and a great way to burn off some calories on the hilly route before enjoying dinner with your friends and colleagues – so gather a team and join the relay.

Want to learn more about what Aarhus has to offer? Check out our Aarhus running tours and our complete guide to running in Aarhus.

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