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Florence’s Spring and Running Poetry

What do I run for? Every runner has asked himself this question and has found many different answers. During the years the answers have changed from time to time. Well, the easiest answer is: “to keep fit, feel good” and so on but there is always something more.


In my case, I’ve learned during these years that there is always also a poetical side in running. Yes something that has to do with contemplation, with beauty. And that, here in Florence, is particularly true in spring! Let me make some examples:

Florence is poetic when you run immersed in a dreamy atmosphere, looking at a thin fog over the Arno river, and at a solitary waterfowl that is looking at you, in early morning when the temperature is still a little bit cold.

Running along the Arno is a nice opportunity to see Florence from different points of view:

Running is poetic when you can hear the sound of your steps on the stone pavement of the narrow streets of Florence city centre, when the town is still waking up, and you cannot even figure out if you are running in the present or in the past.
Running in the medieval centre of Florence is like running in a maze of narrow streets with “tower houses” facing one another.

Florence is poetic when you can feel the smell of iris and rose flowers blooming in the gardens near Piazzale Michelangelo brought by the humidity of a small breeze on a spring morning.

On both sides of Piazzale Michelangelo, which is the nicest sightseeing point over the whole town, you can find two different gardens. The garden of roses with hundreds of different roses on the left side, and the garden of Iris, which is the symbol of the town. This garden is an ancient tradition of Florence and every year from April 25 to May 20 you can admire the astonishing scene of many many different colours and shapes of one single kind of flower.

Running is poetic when you can hear the chorus of many different singing birds, that are waking up from the trees of the Cascine Park.

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