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Go! Running Tours Strava Club


A few months back Lapo of Go! Running Tours Florence and Daniel of Go! Running Tours Nairobi approached me with the suggestion of creating a Go! Running Tours club on Strava.

A virtual running club where we could stay connected with our guests (and potential guests) in a universe that is based on the passion for running and where, regardless of location, we could cheer each other on, share running experiences and share the joy of running tours.

Strava was the preferred choice of the City Managers and so it was. We now have a Go! Running Tours club on Strava and we love it. Kudos are flying all over the place and both fast and less fast runs are shared. 

Go! Running Tours Strava Club

It has so far been a great success, and we encourage everyone with a passion for running and travelling to join. Anyone who gets super excited about talking about that 5 k run they did on their last holiday or business trip. And anyone who just gets excited by seeing someone else discovering a new city or place on a run. 

So join us – see you on Strava and see you hopefully on a tour of one of our many running tour destinations. One can never have enough sweaty tourist kilometers.

Happy Running, 


Fun Fact: Find Daniel of Go! Running Tours Nairobi in our club and check out his runs. Then when you are rather impressed by his speed and altitude results – then note that Daniel only shares his “slow” runs on Strava! Gotta love those Kenyans 🙂

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