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If you search for images of São Paulo, you will likely find a concrete jungle with its many buildings and mazy streets. At first glance, São Paulo may not be the most appealing place for a run, but give it a try and it will amaze you! Running in São Paulo gives you a view of its diverse architecture, streets bursting with rushed paulistanos, alleys covered by street art, green oases in the four corners of the city, and great food that will fuel the most demanding runner. There is more than a hand full of reasons to lace up your running shoes and go for a run.

In “the country of football”, as we often refer to our country, running is gaining popularity, especially in big cities like São Paulo. The flourishing running scene in São Paulo widens your choices in the city. You have the option to book a running tour where a private guide will show you the city’s sights, or you can run on your own, looking for hidden gems on the way. Alternatively you could join a running crew or one of the weekend’s races. Whatever your choice they all have their own charm.

So what would be best for you? If you are staying in São Paulo for a short period of time and especially if it is your first time in the city, a private running tour is ideal. You have been around and have time to burn? Reach out to a local running crew or register for a race. If you are feeling confident and are looking for adventure, just go and explore São Paulo’s streets. Check out our guide to running in São Paulo below;

  • Running Tours
  • Running races
  • Running Routes
  • Running Clubs
  • Running Stores
  • Best Time to run

São Paulo Running Tours

The unique experience of a running in São Paulo on a tour, allows you to see the city, learn the local culture, and get some tips from a local, while clocking your mileage accompanied by a running guide.  It is a safe, local and personal running experience that gives you the time to “feel” the city.

If you are keen to experience the center of São Paulo, running through its history, then the popular São Paulo Downtown tour is your choice. If you would rather experience the throbbing pulse of the city and how residents deal with the city’s fast pace, go for the Grey & Green São Paulo tours, which are 6 and 12 km, and will take you on a contrasting route among the most famous avenues and green areas in the city. If the cultural and social urban vibe is your thing, then running the Cool São Paulo tour takes you to popular street art spots and the center of São Paulo’s bohemian culture, finishing the tour with a glimpse of a region you surely want to return to, to indulge yourself in great food and drinks.

Running in São Paulo

São Paulo Running Races

São Paulo has a fast-growing running culture and there are thousands of people running in São Paulo races every weekend. The main events are:

São Silvestre 31 December 2023

São Paulo International Marathon 2 April 2023

São Paulo City Half Marathon 16 April 2023

Besides the main races, there are a number of local, themed and fun races, too. They usually range from 5 to 15 km where you can meet lively locals and have a great time. View our complete list of races for 2023 here.

Running in São Paulo

Running Routes

For us, great running routes are the ones easy to follow where you can focus on your running, take in the surroundings and not worry about getting lost.

Ibirapuera Park is a very popular spot for runners. It is open every day from 5:00 to 24:00 and has a number of routes to run. Along the park grid, there is a 6km dirt/grass route, which is great to pick up the pace before hitting the route around the lakes (~3km) to log more mileage.

The Presidente João Goulart elevated, known as Minhocão, is a viaduct in São Paulo downtown. It is an active viaduct but is open for people on weekends and holidays. On its approximately 3 km you have a glimpse of iconic buildings as Copan and beautiful graffiti murals.

Running in São Paolo

Running Clubs

São Paulo is also part of the growing worldwide trend of running crews. Here are some:

Seven Runners Crew: great opportunity to run off the tourist track. They run about 10km on weekends mornings.

Outra Fé: Meet them at Ibirapuera Park for a 5km run every Thursday at 20:00

Adidas Runners: a variety of distances and locations, including stair training

São Paulo Running Stores

The best running stores in the city


Independent running store with a variety of brands, great expert knowledge, and in 3 convenient locations.

Fast Runner

Triathlons are their thing, but of course, you will find a great variety of running shoes.

Best Times to Run in São Paulo

Early bird runners will get the city mostly to themselves, avoiding the crowds of “paulistanos” before they take over the city. Also, especially during summer, early runners will take advantage of mild temperatures and a smaller chance of rain.

Running in São Paulo during spring and fall is very unpredictable in terms of temperatures, and can range from 15°C to 30°C on the same day. Having a jacket with you is a wise move.

Don’t forget to check out all the guided running tours we have on offer.

Take over São Paulo and happy running!



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