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If you’re looking for a scenic place that you can run, Hong Kong is the place for you. It may be a renowned culinary centre but there is more to it than its beautiful gastronomic landscape. 

The city is laden with natural beauty that ranges from islands to nature reserves, country parks, reservoirs, to name a few. So, running in Hong Kong ensures you’re not just keeping fit, but you also get to enjoy the city’s scenic vistas for the best running experience.

Here are 8 Hong Kong races that you can participate in:

HK50 Series Race 4

Date: TBC 2024

Distance: 12km, 22km, 54km 

Action Asia hosts this ultra-marathon race for long-distance running enthusiasts. This 50km race will take place at Sai Kung and start at 6:30 am. The trail and road race will kick off at Pak Tam Chung Picnic Garden, which will also be the finishing line for hikers and runners.

For transport, Action Asia usually provides shuttle services for runners at a fee, where they pick them at strategic points. 

Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon

Date: 21 January 2024

Location: Hong Kong

Distance: 10km, 21km, 42 km

The Hong Kong Standard Marathons hosts around 70,000 runners around the world. The event holds a full marathon, half marathon and a 10km marathon. Along with standard races, it also hosts wheelchair races, family runs and youth dash.

This annual marathon takes you through the bustling city, allowing you to see the beauty of the inner city with thousands cheering you on.

Translantau Race

Date: TBC 2024

Location: Lantau Island, Pearl River

Distance: 16km, 25 km, 50km, 100km 

The Translantau Race is no ordinary race, especially the 100km category run. But, if you set your mind to finishing it, you most definitely will. The 100 km ultra-race takes you through scenic routes on the South Lantau. The terrain includes some steep trails and slopes that climb up the Lantau Peak, one of the highest peaks in Hong Kong.

For this reason, this challenging trail requires you to train adequately to be able to complete the 30hr run. 

The 50km run also covers South Lantau trails but less challenging than the 100 km race. The trails cover five climbs; it also requires you to work out in advance to complete the entire route, which takes 12 hours.

The 25km race offers the best scenic seascape views as it covers the coastal trails and takes the utmost 8 hours to complete. The 16km race, however, is a night race that takes you through the stunning rails on Lantau Island.

Lantau 50 Race

Date: TBC 2024

Location: Tung Chung

Distance: 16km (07:45), 27km (07:30), 54km (06:30)

This race will kick off at Man Tung Road Park and will run through Lantau peaks & Sunset peaks — two of the biggest peaks in Hong Kong with outstanding views, following the ridge to Park Mong Olympic Trail, which takes you back to Tung Chung.

The 54km run offers you a chance to experience the famous and beautiful sunrise scenery from the Lantau peak. Also, from this peak, you’ll be able to see the impressive Big Buddha.

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