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summer in Copenhagen - swimming


I get excited just writing this. Nothing is better than summer in Copenhagen. What makes summer in Copenhagen special? The long days, the many events and festivals and comfortable summer heat. It’s always been a mystery to me, that Danes travel abroad during our summer, as this is an absolute magical time of the year (even if it rains now and again 🙂 ). If you don’t believe me then jump on a plane in July and come check it out. But enough of this…

What to do in Copenhagen during summer?

The short answer is “do it all”!

Sant Hans Aften

There is buffet of events, festivals and just “stuff” to do during summer, so it’s just a matter of taking advantage of this.
The first thing that I would recommend is Sant Hans Aften. This is national bonfire night on the 23rd of June, where the city is full of bonfires. Us Danes all pack a bag with snacks and drinks and then we go to a bondfire near us. Usually the fires are lit around 9 or 10 pm and we celebrate it with a bit of singing as well. It sounds a bit corny but its an amazing evening and all over Copenhagen you’ll find fires. The former Running Copenhagen HQ was situated at Børskaj 12 in the City Centre where the café Kayak Bar is celebrating Sankt Hans with a bonfire in the water, lounge areas, bands etc. So if you are looking for a good place to celebrate Sankt Hans then venture to Børskaj 12.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the very big events of the summer. It runs from July 5-14 and you can barely take a turn in the city without hearing the tunes of a new jazz band. There are some incredible concerts where there are entry fees, but there are also plenty of “free” options where one can just show up and listen to the music.

Copenhagen Cooking

From August 18. to August 27.  Copenhagen Cooking is being held. Now we have a huge amount of foodies that in the past have joined our tour, so this one is for you guys. This is a week long festival that is jam packed with super interesting and insipiring food events. From cooking classes, to tasting events, to Michelin Restaurants at half price – this event has it all. And there is always a little twist to it, which I really like. A few years ago the restaurant Kiin Kiin had an event where you had to bring a grand parent with you in order to be able to dine at the restaurant. Thankfully my 92 year-old grandma is still going super strong, so the two of us had a fantastic evening at Kiin Kiin, with impressions that we still talk about. The food festival is one of my personal favourites and it’s a great chance to experience a wide palette of restaurants, markets, speakers etc. But one thing to remember is that if you are thinking of booking the restaurants at a discount, then be ready for when it opens online, otherwise its game over within 5 mins.


summer in Copenhagen - swimming
photo credit: Vibeke Sonntag / Copenhagen Media Center

Copenhagen is of course somewhat unique in terms of the harbor and our beaches. The harbor is clean and there is also life guards, cafes and a great atmosphere, so you are not only in good hands but also well entertained. The other option is to take the metro to the beach Amager Strandpark, where you have nice sandy beach, a lagoon, the sea and lots of cafes, ice cream vans etc. On a hot summer day – this is the place to be.

Running Tours

No seasonal tips from me, without a mention of running. One of the very good things about the Danish summers is that it rarely gets too hot to run.  It gets hot – yes, but not too hot and especially a summer morning with blue skies and priceless in terms of running. The Running Copenhagen summer programme includes the Christiania Tour, City Tour, Sunrise Tour, Architecture TourXL tour and probably a few other initiatives, so stay tuned on our Facebook page.

This is of course only a snippet of all the things our small capital has to offer. Its a super edgy city and something is always going on, so discover, explore and enjoy!!!!!

Have a great summer everyone and keep those running shoes moving,