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Christmas market Copenhagen


The 6 local and ”different” Christmas markets in Copenhagen

Local, cosy and exceptionelly ”hyggelige” (cosy) local Christmas Markets Copenhagen has to offer. These markets offer an alternative to the larger City Centre Christmas Markets and are the ”neighbourhood” markets or more edgy Christmas markets that the local Copenhageners will often prefer. On our running tours we often get asked about the Christmas markets and we always provide recommendations that are a mix of the mainstream and then also the more local and cosy markets.

Christmas market Copenhagen

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen are popular. We have the mainstream markets in the city centre, that are great to soak up the atmosphere of the old city at its most ”christmassy” and also these markets are popular for Copenhageners out Christmas shopping who need a bit of a break from the mayhem in the stores.

The local and smaller Christmas markets, are however my favourites and each for different reasons. Now let me get to it – so put on the woollen socks, light up the fire place and lean back and enjoy the read.

KADK Christmas Market – the designer’s Nirvana

Date & Time: 27th November, 10-17h

Address: KADK, Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 51-53, 1437 København K

If you are into design and wants to get a feel of the young design talents that Copenhagen has to offer, then the KADK Christmas market is the one to visit. This is a Christmas Market that takes place at the Royal Danish Art Academy’s school of Design and Architecture (phew! – long name) and where the students of the school sell their creations. They sell anything from vases, to ear rings, to gadgets, to clothes items.. you name it. The items are not cheap but compared to regular Danish design, you are definitely not being ripped off, and at the same time you support the students as well as having a finger on the pulse of what is happening on the Danish Design scene.

Comes highly recommended, but it is popular and the students have limited stock, so be there when it opens….and don’t be surprised if you get shoved and pushed a bit by the otherwise chic and collected crowd. My first year I was in awe by the eagerness of the visitors and came home only with a ceramic moon !??!!? (never really used it – but felt I had to buy something for my physical struggle)

OX DENMARQ & Hiiri keramik Christmas Market

Address: Carlsbergs gamle kobberfabrik, Vesterbrogade 107b, KBH Vesterbro 1620

Date & time: 25. November,  10-18h and 26. November,  10-15h

Again – Design, design, design. Before you go here, you have to make a conscious decision whether to bring your credit card or not. It can be a dangerously expensive trip to something that that should have been a place to just soak up the atmosphere and get a Gløgg J. The combination of Gløgg (alcohol) and stunning design can ruin any bank account.

Now let me explain why: OX DENMARK is a Danish Design company that produces furniture and very nice ones that is. Hiiiri Keramik is ceramic and interior design items created by the designer Jeanette Hirii. But incredible nice furniture and interior design items are not enough – add to this combination that the location is an old copper factory that made the kettles for the Carlsberg Brewery and you basically have the perfect surroundings for a different yet very nice Christmas market where there are of course also Christmas cookies, Gløgg etc.

Jul i den gamle gård

Address: The backyard of Nørrebrogade 56.

Date & Time: 3-4. december,  10-18h

This Christmas Market is a local ”neighbourhood market” and if you have children, then this is the perfect market to attend. This Christmas Market starts with everyone singing Christmas carols, then Santa arrives (a bit early but he does) and then the stalls are just waiting for you. Meyers Madhus which is one of the best bakeries in Copenhagen  will be there to sell Cinamon Rolls and other irresistible wheat and butter combinations.

The location of the market is at Nørrebro and aproximately a 15 minute walk from the Hans Christians Andersen Christmas Market so can easily be combined and will for certain offer two contrasting Christmas Market experiences.

Absalon Christmas Bazar

Address: Absalon, Sønder Boulevard 73

Date & Time: December 11, 10-16h

Absalon is a relatively new community center in Copenhagen and has taken Copenhagen and especially Vesterbro where it is located by storm. I have already written about their ”common dinners” in my Top 3 Local “must do’s” in Copenhagen post but their activities go way beyond their common eating and the Christmas Market is one of them.

It is the local Copenhageners who stand and sell Christmas ”stuff” on the stalls. This of course not only provides a nice feel to the market but it is also a sharp contrast to for example the Christmas markets in Nyhavn, Tivoli and Højbro Plads.

Christiania Christmas Market

Address: Den Grå Hal, Christiania

Date and Time: 9-20 december, noon until 20h

The Christiania Christmas Market is almost an institution by now. When I first started going, it was small, cosy and very different to any other Christmas market in Copenhagen. Today hipsters and career parents are queuing outside the Grey Hall when the Christmas market opens. I am not sure if this Christmas Market actually now belongs in my article about more mainstream Christmas Markets, but as it is Christiania, it will remain in this category. It is not every Christmas market you can look at woollen socks for your child one minute and buy a joint the next.

I would highly recommend visiting the Christiania Christmas Market but instead of arriving early, I would aim for the later hours so that you avoid the rush and the queue. For a chilled out place like Christiania the Christmas Market rush can seem a bit overwhelming.

Christmas Market in the Meatpacking District

Address: Flæsketorvet, 1700 København

Date and Time: 10-11 December,  10-18

To sum it up: Christmas in Hipsterville! Very nice food market, cool area (it is in the Copenhagen Meat Packing District), cool people (it is located at Vestebro). This is normally a food market that takes every weekend during summer but this year they are doing a Christmas edition, and without a doubt it will be very nice. If you are a foodie, then this is the Christmas market to head for. It is however likely to be slightly touristy.

That’s it folks – these are my very best recommendations for visiting Christmas Markets that are somewhat different than the bigger ones in the city centre, and that also offer a more local and homely feel. If you are in town and looking to enjoy a Christmas Market that has a bit more soul and a bit more “Copenhagen”, then I hope above has been of help and I wish you a great Christmas.

Hey – and don’t forget. When you drink all that Gløgg and eat all those Æbleskiver, you need a run…or to be more specific – you need a running tour with Running Copenhagen.

Happy Christmas and happy running,


Picture Credit: Copenhagen Media Center
Photography of Morten Jerich, Christian Alsing, Thomas Rahbek and Thomas Rousing.



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