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Tour Guide Tuesday - Anna


It is that time of the week again: Tour Guide Tuesday, when we share our favourite running route & gear, food & beer and fun stories with you. This week Anna is in the spotlight who as a tour guide, believes that “we forget to appreciate how stunning this city of ours is, so I love being able to share that with our guests.”  We can not agree more! Read below to explore Copenhagen through Anna’s eyes.

Meet Anna

Tour Guide Tuesday - Anna

Favourite running Tour:

City tour.

Best thing about conducting running tours:

I love joining our running guests in exploring Copenhagen, and seeing our fantastic city through fresh eyes. So often we forget to appreciate how stunning this city of ours is, so I love being able to share that with our guests.

Most memorable running guest(s):

At the risk of sounding like I’m accepting an Oscar, I have to say, my Mamma!! When I was practicing my running tours, she doggedly trotted all around town with me, in all kinds of wind and weather, asking all sorts of annoying questions that NO NORMAL HUMAN WOULD EVER ASK! But it sure made for some weird google searches to find the answers!

Why are you a kick-arse guide?

I really love finding the quirky, weird unusual stories that lurk under the surface of the city. I find that those are what make Copenhagen special, and are usually not found in your standard guidebook.

Favourite Newline piece of running gear?

I love the Base two layer shorts. Mostly because they remind me that summer will return eventually!! At first I was skeptical of those two layers, but having run many many kilometers in them, all spring, summer, and well into autumn, I’m now a total convert!

If you had to create a running tour, which one would it be?

COPENHAGEN SAFARI!! I’ve been secretly scouting this one for years! Copenhagen hides all sorts of mythical creatures, dragons guarding doorways, pets depicted in window frames, crocodiles snaking their way up turrets, swans patrolling the canals and elephants flanking archways. This magical running tour would incorporate a hunt for all these and more, and of course special prizes for any runner who can spot a beast that I have not seen before! Of course, the safari special would always end with a look under water too, to see what creatures might be skulking in Copenhagen’s harbour, so we’d finish with a dip and a well deserved sauna at Kayak bar afterwards!

Favourite local restaurant:

Has to be Grød. Sounds disgusting, tastes DELICIOUS. A one stop shop for all your porridge needs, be it breakfast musli, lunchtime risotto or evening congee.

Best local tip:

The very best spot in town has to be the Kayak Bar, concealed under Knippelsbro. Palm trees, a floating bar, live music, beer a’plenty and the best barbecue in town.  What more do you need in life?? Oh a sauna?? Yeah, they’ve got that covered too!

Beer of choice:

In the summer you can’t beat a cold Classic, sitting under one of Kayak’s palm trees, with a stunning view of all of Copenhagen’s most iconic towers. In the winter I like to visit BRUS, a newly opened beer bar in Nørrebro. Very hipster, shabby-chic, and with a tap list with a little something for any beer lover!


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