From running tours to local races. Argentina is a runners paradise from stunning nature, incredible coastline, small towns and bustling cities just waiting for you to hit them in your running shoes. The locals are sport-mad, which means there are plenty of marathons, half marathons, ultramarathons and 5 km races to supplement your guided run.

Running tours in Argentina are on the up, and we offer unique routes in both Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Discover the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and breathe in the creativity and cultural soul of this pumping metropolis. Córdoba also offers unique city running experiences, with smaller crowds than you get in the larger cities.

Looking to nature, Argentina as a running destination has a lot going for it. Patagonia is, of course, a diamond if you’re into nature runs while the Andes offer trail running opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

But there’s more. Once you’ve done your exercise, you dive into red wine (85 kcal) and succulent steaks (271 kcal). There are snacks for the vegetarians too. Delicious Argentinian empanadas come in all kinds of flavours and can be found around every corner. Tuck in guilt-free once you’ve been on our guided runs. Need we to say more?

Running tours in Argentina are on the rise and offer the best way to discover cities while keeping fit. It is a unique chance to link up with a local runner and see the main sights and hidden secrets.